Guess I haven’t had much to blog about. Tate came out the other day and stayed a few days, working on the kitchen counters and stuff. Got the new top made for the bar, looks great. He rode with me up to Faith on Wednesday night and we watched the saddle bronc match. We got there early enough that he could buy some stuff at the lumber yard he was needing to do the work here. He left Thursday night, but not before he passed his cold onto me evidently. I had a gig that night and ended up getting home real late, or real early, depending on how you looked at it and I have been trying to recover ever since. Clouds, wind and lightning with a little rain came thru’ yesterday afternoon and evening. I listened to the fire radio and watched for fires. Had one just a bit south and west of here. By the time I got even little close, the rain had put it out and my battery in the radio had quit working. I tried to direct some people on the radio as to how to get to it, but don’t think they heard me. So I ran home and got the other battery. Correction, I called Cindy, she met me part way and brought the other battery and I watched some more and then came back to eat a bite. Kept listening and seemed like all the fires were covered and had plenty of help, but it was touch and go on a couple until they got some water tenders to them. Damp and cool here this morning. Supposed to be a good chance of rain. Sure hope we get some….still working on the reproduction saddle and got another tree yesterday with full QH bars. Too it out last night and checked it on Beav and it seems to fit better, but he is just too flat at the moment over the withers for much of any stye bars to fit real good, but I do think this is an improvement and looks like it would work pretty slick on some of these flatter backed colts..

3 thoughts on “Hmmmmm……

  1. Sure hope the cold gets better and no worse. Glad to hear the fires were covered! We are finally getting much needed rain but now we wonder if it will stop, goes from one extreme to the other.

  2. I heard you on the police/ fire scanner and then you weren’t there anymore. Now I know what happened to you!!!

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