Same old same old around here. Check cows, feed cows, fool around, wrench and make my knuckles bloody….

Went in to Sturgis Sunday after Mass as Cindy was having a party for her mom’s birthday. I shall not mention her age as that would not be gentlemanly. All the kids made it and Cindy’s brother and that was enough. Had a short but good time. Got some great pictures of the two little grand girls together.

This afternoon/evening I ran in to Rapid to meet up with a fellow blogger and all around cool guy, Jeffro! We went to the Scarlet Crustacean and had a good supper with a cute waitress and just had a real good visit. Jeffro had to get ready for his work tomorrow and so the visit was shorter than we might have liked it, but we have plans to do something similar again, when he gets his Interbinder up in the northern area. I will take him around to see some of the sights. tho’I think he was satisfied with the cute waitress, this trip. 😉

It’s always fun to meet up face to face with the people on the interwebs who’s blogs I read and enjoy and admire. Hopefully Lisa and her wonderful husband will be next, if they can make it this far east this summer some time.

If I ever get back towards Iowa, Jim is on my list to meet up. Yeah, many of you have no idea who I am talking about, but that’s okay. Matter of fact, that is kind of the cool part. Like we are all secret agents. 🙂

Too bad so many of the people who I read, live so far east, but hey, I might win the Lottery and make a big circle some day. Sure like to hook up with Og and Crazy Laura too. and others who shall remain unnamed at this point, cuz it’s a secret… 🙂

3 thoughts on “Fun

  1. That is super, Jeffro is one I wouldn’t mind meeting myself! Glad you had a great visit, nothing like a pretty girl to go along wiith it. I told the hubby we will be out one way or the other. 😉

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