Fun training

Here is my post for the day under the training heading.

10th session
Went up to Dean and Brad’s today and we worked their cattle. I took the colt and Mijo both. I gathered on the colt and then swapped over to Mijo for the rest of the day.
The colt, now renamed Brody, cuz he’s such a mellow kind a guy, like a surfer dude (Think of the character Patrick Swayze played in the film with Keanu Reeves, about bank robbing surfers)!
Anyway’s Me and Brody get started of tentatively but we followed Brad and his horse and managed to stay out of the way while we penned some bulls and cows. Then we ( Dean, Brad, Rick and I ) sorted the cows off. I don’t think me and Brody helped a whole lot, but we did have several quick side trips! πŸ˜‰
When we got that done we rode east and gathered the cows. At one point Brody got troubled about Dean over across from some trees in a windbreak and I had to bend him pretty good to control things. As we moved them I trotted up to the front where Dean was and then on to the house where I swapped him for Mijo. He spent the rest of the day in the trailer saddled, which I am sure did him good also. All in =all, it was great for him. His ears came up and he really seemed to enj7 it. Never did try to do anything other than spook and run and that was pretty easy to control. I think now I will be able to just get on and go outside the corral. I never warmed him up any when I got on or longed him or nothing. Just got on and went. I sure appreciate them guys helping me and allowing me to do this with him. Brad was a big help with lots of patient advice. Even tho’ at times I seemed to ignore him, I am sure, he thought. πŸ˜‰

It was warmish and windy, but we had a pretty good windbreak up at Brad and Bec’s where we worked the cattle. Rick and I pushed the cattle down the chute for Brad and Dean to vaccinate and put tags in any who had lost or were never tagged. We worked two bunches and ate a real good dinner Bec cooked for us, in between the bunches. I got home about 4. Sure had fun with their little man Coy. He is at the age where he is a lot of fun and funny.

4 thoughts on “Fun training

  1. Yeah, Mike, I do. I got’s too many and not enough energy. ‘Course, with you coming to help me ride all these colts this spring…….. πŸ˜‰

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