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Not as warm but little to no wind and just real purty. I ran into Sturgis and got my drivers license…finally! I tell you, I don’t see how there can be any illegals in this country as much trouble as it is for a citizen to get a license! Had to take almost every piece of paper I have from the last several years. Found out the Social Security card my mother told me to carry about 50 years ago was not the real one, but just the stub! And all those years I worried I might lose it…

I got me a new camera today. A little Nikon Coolpix… took a few test shots and waiting for the full moon to come up and try some more…

What I have thought all along, use fire to fight fire… it would work…

The Wild Boars Gambit
Have you ever been chased by a wild boar? I was, once, as a kid. It was pretty terrifying. And I’m relatively certain that was a domestic hog that had escaped, and in a year or so in the forest had reverted to his natural Lord of the Flies ethos. Kept me up a tree for two hours, at any rate.

Which brings me to my sermon. Man against the State. Man against the State. Man always loses that battle. Even in groups he is impotent against a Leviathan. As much as I admire the Tea Parties, the solution is not to send like minded souls to Washington. It is a corrupting wasteland, and they will either succumb, or be voted out for not bringing that fat, sweet bacon home. Because the same Man who votes for that fiscal hawk also, inexorably, still wants his bacon. He just doesn’t want ne’er-do-wells in blue states to have his bacon. Besides, sending a Tea Partier to Washington is like sending your preacher into a whorehouse to clean it up. He’s going to emerge in drunken stupor, without his pocket watch and Bible, and with a red wax ring around his willie.

No, I think, the solution is not tilting against the windmill that is the DC blob. It is in federalism. Real 10th Amendment federalism. States against the Leviathan. We all know the Constitution strictly enumerated the federal government’s powers, and seeded the enormity of powers to the states. But Leviathan has been gobbling up those rights for 100 years, using a carrot and stick approach of funding bribes and the Commerce Clause. And each state has individually weakened, and capitulated.

But, what ho? The GOP now holds a large majority of governorships and statehouses. That election wasn’t a blowout, and the Republicans control a lot of field level power. One man cannot beat back Leviathan, but 29 governors and statehouses can. If they coordinate, and play by the left’s rules. Select specific areas where the federal government has usurped power, from education to highway construction to Medicaid allocations to, hell, drug laws, and sue the piss out of Leviathan’s minions. Sue, sue, sue. Alinsky them.

Sue the EPA, sue the Interior Department, sue the Department of Health and Human Services. Sue the cabinet members individually. Sue czars. Find sympathetic federal courts and drag those czars’ asses into court. Sue as groups of states, sue as individual states. Just file hundreds, if not thousands, of lawsuits. Most will be swept away by invoking immunity and the supremacy clause, but not all. At some point Leviathan will have to allocate resources. Pick their battles. Toss a few bones. Here’s a thought: if five or six western states sue to allow energy exploration on federal lands some federal judge is eventually going to give them their day in court. The Supreme Court’s mighty firewall could actually be a blessing here. Many appellate court decisions could be upheld.

Which brings me back to wild pigs. Being chased by one wild boar is a horrifying thing. Being chased by 25 could cause some serious hysteria in the Gilded City. Tip O’Neill famously said “All politics is local.” True as far as it goes. Just remember: your governor is your neighbor, even if you have to travel to the Big City. He’s a hell of a lot more local than your representative in Congress, who only comes home to run for reelection.

Here’s an experiment: form some bullshit committee committed to saving the loggerhead turtles, or protecting abused women. Call your Governor’s offices and request an audience. It might be six months, but you will get a breakfast, or a luncheon, or a photo op. This person still has to work the hamlets of Smut Eye, Alabama and Blue Balls, Pennsylvania and Santa Claus, Georgia. He isn’t that distant Senator getting his horndog on in the DC.

Ten governors and 10,000 activists could change the world. Bring that power back to the states. Neuter Leviathan. And this isn’t about “state’s rights,” or whatever euphemism passes for racism these days. It’s about taking back what belongs to our states. To us. Forget Congress. Spend a day roaming your state house. Make a few friends. Buy the aides a beer after session. Get inside their heads. Let them know you’re going forward with or without them.

We’ve lost a few states irrevocably. California’s dead as a doornail. It’s just like East Germany now. Except gays can window shop in the nude, and there is no Iron Curtain or Berlin Wall keeping sane people from fleeing California. But the Stasi is still there. The same old crowd. They just wear nipple rings now.

Jersey’s toast, of course. But even New York has Wall Street. If they can smell power devolving to Albany those greedheads will be on board. I love the pure heart of a true capitalist. When I’m not hating on them for actually being crony capitalists. Which is what they really are. They’ll merely rent-seek in Albany rather than DC. So, on second thought, scratch New York. Buy your securities in London.

I haven’t enumerated much in the way of particular issues, but I will. I’m having enough trouble writing a preamble whilst getting my damn drink on. And, oh: never underestimate a local politician’s opportunity to grab some power from someone else up the food chain. Use that as a tactical weapon. After all, at the end of the day, it’s all about being a wild boar.

Warm enough and no wind to speak of.

Chance and Hope went to town with sick kids. they were in there yesterday and Chance had strep so they got a bunch of antibiotics but none for Sam or Addy Bear…hope they get it all fixed up. Sounds like it’s some nasty stuff and the Doctor told them if Cindy and I even get a tickle in our throats to get in there quick!

I ran to Punkin Center and got some more salt and some oil for the loader then put out more bean and salt mixed. Turned the calves back out yesterday as I think their mothers are dried up. Had a couple sneak out so I am going to get some blabs and put in their noses so they can eat but not suck their mothers. We will see if that works. hate to keep anything in and feed high priced hay that I don’t have to.

Paul Larson and Ken Cook and I decided we like working together so much we’d start up a deal called Cowboy Culture South Dakota Style. we have some gigs all booked up for after the New Year and are looking for more. Here’s a link to the website and our Facebook page…!/CowboyCultureSouthDakotaStyle

We are all real excited. Please go check it out and let us know what you think. If you have anything coming up that you’d like some real western entertainment at, give one of us a holler!

So much to be thankful for…..

But at the moment,at the top of my list is pants and a belt that loosen!!!!

Why? Why do I always eat too much? It’s not like I haven’t made vow after vow for years to not stuff myself…..

Having to clean my plate up as a kid was not necessarily a good thing, evidently… no matter how full I am I feel guilty if I don’t eat everything on my plate…and I didn’t even take all that much. Must have been the snacks while waiting for the main course..

Ahh, turkey sandwiches and turkey and noodles for the next week or so..

Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Warm, up in the 60’s anyway….

Chance and Hope took Addy Bear and Gus and dropped Gus off at the bus stop and then went in to town to do some business and left Sam here with me. So we went and caught up the team, harnessed them and got a bale and fed part of it to the cattle in the corral. Then we drove Teddy down to Punkin Center and ate an early lunch while they were loading bean and salt into Teddy. We even got some shavings for the dog house to help make it smell better!

When we got back we unloaded and scattered the shavings, got some buckets and tubs and a small shovel for mixing, drove out in the pasture and put out the bean/salt mix around in several places for the cattle. Then we came and got the team and drove down to the end of the road to pick up Gus. He was supposed to be there a little after 1 and it was after 1:30 when the bus finally got there. I don’t know who screwed up the time, but we had a long wait. The dogs all went with us so we sat and petted dogs and watched people drive by while we waited. Gus finally got there and he had his bag and what was left of the cupcakes his Mom had dropped off at school for their Thanksgiving party. I dropped the kids off at the house and went and unharnessed and turned the team out.

Supposed to blow to beat the band tomorrow with cooler temps. Tate and Kass and kids are on their way here for the holiday and will spend the night and perhaps several more. Fr Tyler is supposed to be coming tomorrow also. Cindy may bring her Mom and Delbert out after work tomorrow too, so we may just have a whole huge houseful of sleep overs! Oh well, it’s all good! 🙂

Here it is. My very first slide show to my music….

Hope and I worked on this off and on most the day. I tried to do it on my computer using Garage Band but couldn’t figure out how to make it show up anywhere, so Hope took my photo’s and she did it on her computer. Let me know what you think. More are in the works if this has favorable reviews….

Been beautiful weather the past few days. Warm and wonderful.

I was remiss on the 14th and forgot to mention it was Lige’s birthday. 5 years old! Man, time is flying.

My nephews son, Tristin is 16 today. that doesn’t seem right either. I was 16 when his dad Dustin was born and seems like just a few years ago Tris was born… damn, getting old fast!

Went into the Doc yesterday and she gave me some antibiotics. They are working.

Snow is pretty much all melted off. Been up in the 40’s. I took the tractor and leveled off some of the dirt where Chance and Hopes trailer will go. Kids today, so fussy! Want everything all level and neat! Sheesh!


hanging in there. So far, Cindy hasn’t gotten it. Hope is just starting and the kids are in various stages. Chance and I are in the midst of it.

Just been doing chores and no more.. got a couple three inches of snow the other day and some wind. Warmed up enough today that it started to melt. Supposed to get warmer as the week goes on.

Tried to get someone around here to shoot me today and put me out of my misery but so far I guess I haven’t been enough of an ass, as no one would take me up on it. Surprising, isn’t it?