‘Nuther nice one

Warm enough and no wind to speak of.

Chance and Hope went to town with sick kids. they were in there yesterday and Chance had strep so they got a bunch of antibiotics but none for Sam or Addy Bear…hope they get it all fixed up. Sounds like it’s some nasty stuff and the Doctor told them if Cindy and I even get a tickle in our throats to get in there quick!

I ran to Punkin Center and got some more salt and some oil for the loader then put out more bean and salt mixed. Turned the calves back out yesterday as I think their mothers are dried up. Had a couple sneak out so I am going to get some blabs and put in their noses so they can eat but not suck their mothers. We will see if that works. hate to keep anything in and feed high priced hay that I don’t have to.

Paul Larson and Ken Cook and I decided we like working together so much we’d start up a deal called Cowboy Culture South Dakota Style. we have some gigs all booked up for after the New Year and are looking for more. Here’s a link to the website and our Facebook page…



We are all real excited. Please go check it out and let us know what you think. If you have anything coming up that you’d like some real western entertainment at, give one of us a holler!

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