Went into the Doc yesterday and she gave me some antibiotics. They are working.

Snow is pretty much all melted off. Been up in the 40’s. I took the tractor and leveled off some of the dirt where Chance and Hopes trailer will go. Kids today, so fussy! Want everything all level and neat! Sheesh!


11 thoughts on “Better

    1. Most of my favorite people are female. But if won’t last… whenever they get a doctor in there i like, they leave….usually for more money and less stress I think. I have had several PA’s who I really liked . I sure get tired of training new ones….

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Unfortunately the son brought the crud home and now Matt and I are both sick 😦

    1. If it isn’t on the mend soon, go to the Doc and get some antibiotics….and get one of those nose pump hings or a Neti pot, weird but sure help! Oh, and heal fast!

      1. Boy those nasal rinse thing sure do help. I use it most every morning and have a lot less sinus problems then I used to. I think it would be good in the evening anytime you spend most of the day eating dust in a corral, trailing or what ever.

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