So much to be thankful for…..

But at the moment,at the top of my list is pants and a belt that loosen!!!!

Why? Why do I always eat too much? It’s not like I haven’t made vow after vow for years to not stuff myself…..

Having to clean my plate up as a kid was not necessarily a good thing, evidently… no matter how full I am I feel guilty if I don’t eat everything on my plate…and I didn’t even take all that much. Must have been the snacks while waiting for the main course..

Ahh, turkey sandwiches and turkey and noodles for the next week or so..

Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Glad you had a wonderfull day! We did also, I did the cooking and of course family was nice enough to help out a little bit! I think it is a given about eating too much during the holiday’s! Happy Thanksgiving a little late but better late than not at all 😉

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