Another nice day…

Not as warm but little to no wind and just real purty. I ran into Sturgis and got my drivers license…finally! I tell you, I don’t see how there can be any illegals in this country as much trouble as it is for a citizen to get a license! Had to take almost every piece of paper I have from the last several years. Found out the Social Security card my mother told me to carry about 50 years ago was not the real one, but just the stub! And all those years I worried I might lose it…

I got me a new camera today. A little Nikon Coolpix… took a few test shots and waiting for the full moon to come up and try some more…

5 thoughts on “Another nice day…

  1. Sorry you have had such problems.
    The camera is working well. The moon here earlier was so orange and the man in the moon was so defined. But now it us back to the normal color. But is really pretty.
    Hope tomorrow will be a better day!

  2. …if you went to Kali-for-nanny you would have gotten them…plus a monthly check, food stamps, free health care, and a host of other freebies…
    I really enjoy your landscape pictures, Mi-t-nice views.

  3. That sure is purity little steer?heifer? Nice winter coat and meat on it’s bones to keep warm this winter. Here in Florida it is really hard to get your licenses like you said everynpiece of paper you have needs to be shown.

  4. Have fun with the new camera! Matt said the bottom picture looks like it is dry out there! We had rain today and tomorrow up in the high forties and maybe even 50!

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