Okay kid’s…

Here it is. My very first slide show to my music….

Hope and I worked on this off and on most the day. I tried to do it on my computer using Garage Band but couldn’t figure out how to make it show up anywhere, so Hope took my photo’s and she did it on her computer. Let me know what you think. More are in the works if this has favorable reviews….

Been beautiful weather the past few days. Warm and wonderful.

I was remiss on the 14th and forgot to mention it was Lige’s birthday. 5 years old! Man, time is flying.

My nephews son, Tristin is 16 today. that doesn’t seem right either. I was 16 when his dad Dustin was born and seems like just a few years ago Tris was born… damn, getting old fast!

11 thoughts on “Okay kid’s…

  1. I needed this. November challenges ones ‘sunny-ness’ here in northern Ohio. And yes . . . your take on the swift passage of time. Yikes. Where are the brakes on this thing ?

  2. Bravo! Bravo! Man that worked out sweet. I’ve been going to do that since I got the first garage band version of that song. Just couldn’t seem to find my roundtoit though. That and I am not sure how to put the slideshow together. Not that that is much of an issue, just have to find the right tools.

    Have I happened to mention to you that this is by far and away my favorite song? 😉 It captures what horsemanship is all about for me. You need to come sing it for us in California next February.

    1. Mike, I’d love to… it’s just the small matter of affording the trip out there and back…..maybe share this with Bruce?

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