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What did I get done so far today?

I caught Mijo and rode north and moved a few heifers. Took the dogs along and did a lot of hollering at Bob. Came back and the wind was not right to move the rest north so decided to wait until later.

Drove over to Punkin Center and got the oil changed and new brake pads on Teddy. Picked up some dog food and foot rot/eye medicine and seeing as it was almost noon, I went to the cafe and ate a burger.

Came home and put a hose on the tractor and then took a short snooze and afterwords hooked up to the disc, aired up the tires and worked both patches of trees. Been too wet up until now and the grass and weeds are terrible! The cheat grass is grown up and starting to turn already and I mostly just mashed it down. I will have to give it a few days and then try again, hoping maybe some of it will dry out and I can cut it up with the disc. A rotary mower would have been handy to cut it with first and then disc it or better yet, plow it, but I can’t get too close to the trees with a plow.

When I got done with that I hooked up to the sickle mower and went and tried to cut some of the tall grass around the buildings that Cindy wanted me to get to. Lots of backing up and going slowly forward. Knocked out a couple sections so had t6o fix them.

Now I am cooling off a bit and waiting for Cindy and then I plan to go catch Q Tip and ride up west and see if I can move the heifers as the wind is out of the north now, so they ought to go that way now.

Dang, can’t seem to get nuthin’ done around here. 😉

Oh well it’s cooler today and got a nice breeze blowing.


COLT UPDATE:   I caught Q Tip and messed with her in the round pen a bit, stepped on and she was fine. Lead her out into the big corral and opened the big gate off her and headed up west. She is green but nice. Trotted a lot and loped some and me and her and the dogs moved the heifers up into Harry’s place. Dusty did a nice job on her.

Saddled up Mijo and rode south to move some cattle. As I got near the old house I heard some splashing sounds from,here.

So I rode closer to investigate.

Hmm, the old dry well. Wonder what’s in there splashing around??

Uh oh! I loped home and got the tractor and loader and went to digging.  Finally got this.

Yayyyy! I got to be a hero and save a damsel in distress. 😉

The hole is now filled in. Which it should have happen at some time in the past. Pretty bad when the grass is so tall a cow can’t see a hole big enough to fall into until she has!

By the way, we had a cow die the other day when we were working them, from some sort of reaction so we have another bum calf. Fred has a friend! He’s red instead of black hided. Guess what I named him?

Yup, Red. 🙂

He sucks a bottle real good now and hasn’t quite figured out eating the pellets. Fred thinks he’s annoying, as he sucks on Fred’s ears when Fred is trying to eat his grain.

While I was out watergappin’ the other day, this came to me, so when I got time I finished it up. Might still do some slight changes to make it better, down the road.


When the rains come fallin’ down
It just wipes away my frown
My whole life is plumb wonderful again
It sure makes the cow feed grow
Which will perk up my cash flow
So my face becomes a great big toothy grin

But when I go to check the fence
I get just a wee bit tense
I know that all the water gaps are out
Every creek and every river
Sure does make a cowboy shiver
That whole damn mess causes me to pout

I ain’t afeered of gettin’ wet
Nor even of drownin’ yet
It’s that damn barbed wire that just ain’t there
A barb wire fence must cross the water
Holdin’ cattle like it oughter
My muscles and good mood don’t stand a prayer

Damn the mud and goo and bog
More’n enough to suit a hog
Hungry deerflies, skeeters and all that slime
That nasty, rusty, rotted wire
Set’s my vocabulary on fire
Unceasing misery, until the end of time

But it’s a job that must be done
Tho’ it really ain’t much fun
To do this work you must be almost dense
The only out that I’ve discerned
That’s foolproof, far as I’m concerned
Just die and let some other fool fix the fence!

Had Chad come down the other day to look at the well at the old house. Looks like it needs a new pressure tank.

I tried to doctor a couple little bulls with foot rot with the crossbow and med-i-darts but the darts wouldn’t hold air to push the vaccine out. so Rick and Caden are coming over in a bit to help me rope and doctor them. I could do it by myself, but something about testosterone in even little bulls, makes me like having help along. And Rick would be put out if I didn’t ask. He was somewhat miffed that he missed out on the sorting and vaccinating of cows the other day! 🙂

Cindy and I ran into Rapid last evening, as it was Fr Tylers anniversary. 2 years now he has been tending to his flock. We had a nice gathering at some of his friends/parishioners house. Bacon wrapped pheasant and grilled trout and lots of fixings.

Got home kind of late. (yawn)

I was checking out the readings for Mass this morning, to see what to pick for music to go along and this is the first reading. It made me think of all the flooding going on up here and the drought in the south.

Dt 8:2-3, 14b-16a
Moses said to the people:
“Remember how for forty years now the LORD, your God,
has directed all your journeying in the desert,
so as to test you by affliction
and find out whether or not it was your intention
to keep his commandments.
He therefore let you be afflicted with hunger,
and then fed you with manna,
a food unknown to you and your fathers,
in order to show you that not by bread alone does one live,
but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of the LORD.

“Do not forget the LORD, your God,
who brought you out of the land of Egypt,
that place of slavery;
who guided you through the vast and terrible desert
with its saraph serpents and scorpions,
its parched and waterless ground;
who brought forth water for you from the flinty rock
and fed you in the desert with manna,
a food unknown to your fathers.”


“so as to test you by affliction
and find out whether or not it was your intention
to keep his commandments. ”

Testing….., yup, I’d say many are being tested. I hope we all pass the test.

We got a doozy of a short hard storm last night. Down in the Black Hills they had power outages and man stuck in spots until the power lines were up off the roads and other interesting things. Marianne  (  )  writes of the trouble her family is having just trying to get feed put up for the cattle. My friend in Arizona has had to sell most of the cattle off that ranch because of drought, as so many others down there have had to do.

Seems we are always being tested in some way. I guess it’s not so much about what happens to us, but how we handle it.

Blessings on you all. Look for the manna. Might not be what you are used to, but rest assured, He has sent it. Sometimes we just need to think outside the box!

Another day shot to hell! 😉

As to the picture, we had some close guesses, but not exactly right on the button.

When you are in the back and driving a herd of cows and calves, you expect a few extra calves in the back, as most cows are smart enough to take their babies with them and keep them pretty much beside them but there are always a few who let their babies wander off and really don’t care until later and then they are in a panic to find them.

In this picture, way too many calves are in the back with no idea where their mothers are and wanting to go back, causing grief amongst the people in back trying to keep them with the group and dashing off to bring one back when they get away, which happens real often if you don’t pay absolutely close attention and let your mind and eye drift away from them even for a second. Not fun! And it wasn’t.

We started out with unpaired cattle and stayed that way the whole way, but that is the way the boss and some of the riders wanted it, or at least expected it, as these were first calf pairs and just a notch above the intelligence of yearlings, which are just a slight bit above chickens on drugs, when it comes to brain power.

Eric and Casey helped me yesterday and we got cattle moved to different pasture, the heifers north and the pairs and steer south. Heifers gave us fits, but we managed to coax them across the road. wind was against us and that never helps. We vaccinated the cows for breeding shots and doctored a cow with a bad foot and she had a reaction and killed her. I sorted off a couple dries and an ol’ shelly cow and calf and took them all to the sale today. Sold real well. Old shelly cows brought over 60 cents and the baby calf brought 435. Wow! I had a calf come back in the night and had to get him back with his mother this evening after penning him this morning. Had to get the bummed calf off the dead cow to suck a bottle. And he is way to big to rassle with!!!!

He wouldn’t suck this morning but he sucked tonight. If I had any idea what they were going to bring I would have hauled him to the sale also!

Quit a thunder storm going as I write this so i will end. see you tomorrow. Maybe ! 😉

Helped DRIVE some yesterday. Then we went up to Brad and Bec’s for a 1 year birthday party for Coy. Me and Justin allowed Dean and Del to kick our butts at horse shoes. Man, Dean really got dialed in and they smacked us. 21-11 final score. It was fun, but I think I ought to play horse shoes more than once a year! Here’s a picture I took from yesterday. See if you can tell me what is wrong with this picture. I will answer tomorrow.

Chance called yesterday evening. They branded some more calves and he rode Peaches and drug calves and helped stretch out a couple big fall calves. He said Peaches can really pull from the horn. Cool.

Got my new bit and hangers in today and a day ago. They came from two different places. Norm Harris out in Idaho got the bit for me and Larry Fuegen down in Arizona made the sliding bit hangers for me. Larry was raised in SD, down by Reliance. Good feller and makes some great stuff. You ought to see his Damascus knives! So I put it all together and took some photo’s.

Putted around today. Drove up and looked around with Gramma and all the creek crossings are washed out again. Trimmed on a yearling colt’s feet. Sorted off my riding horses and Chance is supposed to come get a couple. they been putting in lots of miles up on that gumbo and his are rode down pretty good.

Supposed to go help trail some cattle tomorrow and mess with our on Thursday. I’ll try and get some photo’s.

Here’s some of the bit  and hangers and also one Hope took of me and Mijo at their branding the other day as I was getting set to turn and ride out, so was holding my slack high so the calf wouldn’t kick out.


So far I spent it going to Mass and with Gus as he came home with me last night from the branding. Gramma will be home later and seeing as she is the one who made me a Dad, I guess we will spend Fathers Day together. Might go drown a worm later or something.

We went up and spent the night at Hope and Chances Friday night and then got up early and branded all day yesterday. Good crew, good day and big calves! Sure fun to work with good hands who you’ve never worked with before.

Good crew and good hands and I sure enjoy it. they brand for 3 days and I wish I could go for every day but other commitments keep me from it. We pen the cattle, sort a few cows off and go to roping. head and heel the calves which most would think would be hard on them calves but is really not. Especially when you have good help who knows how to handle their cattle and horses and most importantly, ropes. You don’t see any rubber on any horns and everyone knows how to slide rope to give slack when needed. There are dang good hands out there who can use rubber on their horns and slide rope. But just as there are people who use slick horns, but still don’t know how to slide some slack, there are some who can use rubber and  slide rope. But they are the exception, and not the rule, seems like. I guess it boils down to someone knowing how to handle the cattle with the least amount of stress.

Got another branding at the bosses tomorrow, which runs afoul of the day I had picked, so I am not sure when we will get our’s done. I had thought we would at least get our cows vaccinated and also the calves, even if it rained as they are saying it will, but the boss don’t seem too worried about it and he has more cows than me, so why should I care? 😉

Hope he don’t rain out. Me? I don’t care. I like rain! 😉

Here are a few pictures for you. Remember to click on them to embigginate.