Lets see…….

What did I get done so far today?

I caught Mijo and rode north and moved a few heifers. Took the dogs along and did a lot of hollering at Bob. Came back and the wind was not right to move the rest north so decided to wait until later.

Drove over to Punkin Center and got the oil changed and new brake pads on Teddy. Picked up some dog food and foot rot/eye medicine and seeing as it was almost noon, I went to the cafe and ate a burger.

Came home and put a hose on the tractor and then took a short snooze and afterwords hooked up to the disc, aired up the tires and worked both patches of trees. Been too wet up until now and the grass and weeds are terrible! The cheat grass is grown up and starting to turn already and I mostly just mashed it down. I will have to give it a few days and then try again, hoping maybe some of it will dry out and I can cut it up with the disc. A rotary mower would have been handy to cut it with first and then disc it or better yet, plow it, but I can’t get too close to the trees with a plow.

When I got done with that I hooked up to the sickle mower and went and tried to cut some of the tall grass around the buildings that Cindy wanted me to get to. Lots of backing up and going slowly forward. Knocked out a couple sections so had t6o fix them.

Now I am cooling off a bit and waiting for Cindy and then I plan to go catch Q Tip and ride up west and see if I can move the heifers as the wind is out of the north now, so they ought to go that way now.

Dang, can’t seem to get nuthin’ done around here. 😉

Oh well it’s cooler today and got a nice breeze blowing.


COLT UPDATE:   I caught Q Tip and messed with her in the round pen a bit, stepped on and she was fine. Lead her out into the big corral and opened the big gate off her and headed up west. She is green but nice. Trotted a lot and loped some and me and her and the dogs moved the heifers up into Harry’s place. Dusty did a nice job on her.

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