Had Chad come down the other day to look at the well at the old house. Looks like it needs a new pressure tank.

I tried to doctor a couple little bulls with foot rot with the crossbow and med-i-darts but the darts wouldn’t hold air to push the vaccine out. so Rick and Caden are coming over in a bit to help me rope and doctor them. I could do it by myself, but something about testosterone in even little bulls, makes me like having help along. And Rick would be put out if I didn’t ask. He was somewhat miffed that he missed out on the sorting and vaccinating of cows the other day! 🙂

Cindy and I ran into Rapid last evening, as it was Fr Tylers anniversary. 2 years now he has been tending to his flock. We had a nice gathering at some of his friends/parishioners house. Bacon wrapped pheasant and grilled trout and lots of fixings.

Got home kind of late. (yawn)