Saddled up Mijo and rode south to move some cattle. As I got near the old house I heard some splashing sounds from,here.

So I rode closer to investigate.

Hmm, the old dry well. Wonder what’s in there splashing around??

Uh oh! I loped home and got the tractor and loader and went to digging.  Finally got this.

Yayyyy! I got to be a hero and save a damsel in distress. 😉

The hole is now filled in. Which it should have happen at some time in the past. Pretty bad when the grass is so tall a cow can’t see a hole big enough to fall into until she has!

By the way, we had a cow die the other day when we were working them, from some sort of reaction so we have another bum calf. Fred has a friend! He’s red instead of black hided. Guess what I named him?

Yup, Red. 🙂

He sucks a bottle real good now and hasn’t quite figured out eating the pellets. Fred thinks he’s annoying, as he sucks on Fred’s ears when Fred is trying to eat his grain.