Saddled up Mijo and rode south to move some cattle. As I got near the old house I heard some splashing sounds from,here.

So I rode closer to investigate.

Hmm, the old dry well. Wonder what’s in there splashing around??

Uh oh! I loped home and got the tractor and loader and went to digging.  Finally got this.

Yayyyy! I got to be a hero and save a damsel in distress. 😉

The hole is now filled in. Which it should have happen at some time in the past. Pretty bad when the grass is so tall a cow can’t see a hole big enough to fall into until she has!

By the way, we had a cow die the other day when we were working them, from some sort of reaction so we have another bum calf. Fred has a friend! He’s red instead of black hided. Guess what I named him?

Yup, Red. 🙂

He sucks a bottle real good now and hasn’t quite figured out eating the pellets. Fred thinks he’s annoying, as he sucks on Fred’s ears when Fred is trying to eat his grain.

13 thoughts on “Excitement

    1. Them as gots ’em can lose ’em, them as don’t, cain’t! 😉
      It was one of Chances cows that died and also the one in the hole. My cows are smarter than that evidently! 😉

  1. Yep either she likes him or she is gonna eat him! lol

    Good deal lucky you happened by when you did it coulda
    been a much worse story otherwise.

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