Got my new bit and hangers in today and a day ago. They came from two different places. Norm Harris out in Idaho got the bit for me and Larry Fuegen down in Arizona made the sliding bit hangers for me. Larry was raised in SD, down by Reliance. Good feller and makes some great stuff. You ought to see his Damascus knives! So I put it all together and took some photo’s.

Putted around today. Drove up and looked around with Gramma and all the creek crossings are washed out again. Trimmed on a yearling colt’s feet. Sorted off my riding horses and Chance is supposed to come get a couple. they been putting in lots of miles up on that gumbo and his are rode down pretty good.

Supposed to go help trail some cattle tomorrow and mess with our on Thursday. I’ll try and get some photo’s.

Here’s some of the bit  and hangers and also one Hope took of me and Mijo at their branding the other day as I was getting set to turn and ride out, so was holding my slack high so the calf wouldn’t kick out.