Good crew and good hands and I sure enjoy it. they brand for 3 days and I wish I could go for every day but other commitments keep me from it. We pen the cattle, sort a few cows off and go to roping. head and heel the calves which most would think would be hard on them calves but is really not. Especially when you have good help who knows how to handle their cattle and horses and most importantly, ropes. You don’t see any rubber on any horns and everyone knows how to slide rope to give slack when needed. There are dang good hands out there who can use rubber on their horns and slide rope. But just as there are people who use slick horns, but still don’t know how to slide some slack, there are some who can use rubber and  slide rope. But they are the exception, and not the rule, seems like. I guess it boils down to someone knowing how to handle the cattle with the least amount of stress.

Got another branding at the bosses tomorrow, which runs afoul of the day I had picked, so I am not sure when we will get our’s done. I had thought we would at least get our cows vaccinated and also the calves, even if it rained as they are saying it will, but the boss don’t seem too worried about it and he has more cows than me, so why should I care? 😉

Hope he don’t rain out. Me? I don’t care. I like rain! 😉

Here are a few pictures for you. Remember to click on them to embigginate.