While I was out watergappin’ the other day, this came to me, so when I got time I finished it up. Might still do some slight changes to make it better, down the road.


When the rains come fallin’ down
It just wipes away my frown
My whole life is plumb wonderful again
It sure makes the cow feed grow
Which will perk up my cash flow
So my face becomes a great big toothy grin

But when I go to check the fence
I get just a wee bit tense
I know that all the water gaps are out
Every creek and every river
Sure does make a cowboy shiver
That whole damn mess causes me to pout

I ain’t afeered of gettin’ wet
Nor even of drownin’ yet
It’s that damn barbed wire that just ain’t there
A barb wire fence must cross the water
Holdin’ cattle like it oughter
My muscles and good mood don’t stand a prayer

Damn the mud and goo and bog
More’n enough to suit a hog
Hungry deerflies, skeeters and all that slime
That nasty, rusty, rotted wire
Set’s my vocabulary on fire
Unceasing misery, until the end of time

But it’s a job that must be done
Tho’ it really ain’t much fun
To do this work you must be almost dense
The only out that I’ve discerned
That’s foolproof, far as I’m concerned
Just die and let some other fool fix the fence!