Went up the other afternoon and helped a friend and neighbor gather his cattle up close for shipping. Then we returned yesterday morning and sorted calves from cows and sorted off anything he wanted to keep and wean, loaded the calves and came home.

Fr Tyler came out a little before noon and after lunch he and I took Buck out, looking for grouse. Buck did pretty good, for a dog who has never hunted before. He found it strange that I didn’t want him to go work cows and just wanted him to run around up ahead of us, but not too far, and seemed puzzled, as he couldn’t see any livestock! We did finally kick a few out of a shelterbelt and missed on a shot by Fr Tyler. I was too slow and the shot was gone before I could take it. Oh well, we had a good visit and we didn’t have to clean any birds this way. Besides, I like to see these grouse running around here. Well, until one blows out of cover, under my colts belly! They sure can get things moving, then!

It was a nice day and the wind did pickup later in the day. Supposed to be in the 40’s today and then in the 50’s for the next few days. Guess I better get out there and get to messing with the Halflinger fillies!

By the way, I got a nice present in the mail yesterday. A knife sent to me by Connie over at  Far Side.  http://farsideoffifty.blogspot.com/

Thanks Connie! Hopefully I will get a photo of it and post it on here!