I have a good friend who is one of the best poets/singer/songwriters out there. he always goes to so much effort to send out his version of a Christmas card, every year. Hand written out with art work. I got this years the other day and asked if I could share it. I think it’s one of the best ever written. Way to go D Dub!

Christmas (A Poem)

When the hectic rush of summer
dwindles off and fall is on,
after harvest, after weaning,
after calves are shipped and gone,
and once again the hunter strides
across the skies from dust ’til dawn…
Christmas comes to mind.

Shifting snows soft cover stubble
in the chilling late November,
and in the day what once rode high
is now a lowly, waning ember
fading fast. We wend our way
through the deepening December…
As Christmas comes to mind.

Yet, through it all you know the need,
the need for rest, the need for night,
as bales roll and straw is spread
in this bleak and frost-shot sight.
When winter chores come slow and sure
awaiting the approaching light…
Christmas comes to mind.

For what is Christmas, but a flame
that the darkness cannot sway.
Like a love that never left
but simply hid itself away,
to be found among the shadows,
keeping promise of the day…

© 2011, DW Groethe