This is the first day of our Lenten season. We are called to do more, with less, for ourselves and others, to broadly sum it up. I used to always just give something up that I really enjoyed, as a sacrifice. Sacrifice is love. If we love someone we sacrifice for them. Our children, spouses, family, friends and country. Why not for our Lord?

A few years ago it was pointed out to me that we should also use this time not only to give something up, but to try and improve ourselves. Thus, I gave up cussing. Every year. With various results. Now, it is not so much that I enjoy cussing, tho’ at times I do relish a good, nasty ol’ cuss word or two. Or three. Or a whole bunch strung out together. Heck, it can even sound so cool and is a great way to vent our frustrations and pain. And used to get a great reaction to those around you. I find it almost impossible to work with livestock without cussing!

But anymore, so many of the words that would have gotten my mouth washed out with soap if I used them, people just take as normal conversation. With the everyday use of these words, so many have lost their impact or punch. And they really were just a sign of someone who didn’t know how to properly say another, more expressive, but more succinct word. So those who cussed, by and large, are just showing their lack of intelligence in certain matters or word usage. Or their imagination. And who wants to think they lack intelligence? Or unimaginative? It’s also laziness. Too lazy to learn a more effective word or words that actually give a better meaning. And who wants to be considered lazy?

So in effort to better myself and sacrifice something that really has become much to commonplace in my word usage, I have forgone cussing as much as possible, during Lent.

Also I have decided that I shall spend less time on the internet doing things that distract me from much of life and especially my spiritual life. So I will spend very little time on Facebook and several of the places I normally go to chat to people across the interweb.

So to my fellow bloggers, if I do not post replies on your blogs, it might be because I didn’t have time. Or maybe didn’t even have time to read your latest entry. Or perhaps your content was a bit too, how shall I say this….earthy? And I don’t need that kind of stuff rattling around in my head.

I will still post on here, but maybe more just on the new heading “Horse Training”. See previous post as to why and what.

I hope you all have a great Lenten season.