I am getting another cold! Man, I tell you, if you ain’t got little school kids around you bringing all these home, count your blessing! Well, yeah, it’s great to have them around, but Gus seems to bring every new cold home from school. All during Christmas vacation, nothing and bam… just as soon as school starts up again, here come the germs! I think it’s because of all these antiseptic hand products and such. Heck, we all need bacteria… just not always the bad kind. We will be wiped out as a human race not from wars, but thru’ germs! Mark my words!


Here is a photo of Gus after he had been watching Ironman 2 and of my latest leather project, a cover for one side of the little case I carry my books and CD’s in… Cindy had been pestering me to make it look more snazzy, I hope this is snazzy enough!

I ran Cindy in to town for a dental appointment this morning and I felt so poor we just grabbed a bite and came home after…

I will be in Iowa near New Hampton doing music and poetry with Bob Peterman and Rod Nelson on the evenings of the 25 and 26 of this month. I think the actual show is at Lawler and not sure if there are any tickets left. Marty Blocker will be there as host/MC, so we will have a great time. Hope the weather is good, that is a long drive on poor roads…anyway, if any of you are close and interested in the show, give me a holler and I can find out about tickets. It’s a fund raiser they do every year back there. I am taking my buddy Paul Larson’s place as he messed up his wrist and still is not able to play the guitar good enough to perform, but he will be back at it in no time!

I will be performing in California in the first part of February and seeing my buddy Mike, who has come visited me a couple times in the past. Gonn’a be a blast! Again, if anyone is interested in going where I am going, let me know and I will get you more info…


7 thoughts on “Crud!

  1. Yippee! My husband and I brought tickets a month ago, it is always a fun event. Look forward to seeing you there!.

  2. New Hampton eh? That’s the county seat of Chickasaw County and is up in the North east part of the state. I’m in the southwest. ( Shelby county)
    I would be there if it weren’t so far and especially if I didn’t have my schedule with the hospital and the bakery. Hope you have a fine time. Say Jb, do you or your pards know about Bob Everhart? He has for years been the man to know at the ‘Traditional old time country music’ performance up in LeMars, Ia. ( 25 mi. N of Sioux City) Cindy and I have been to this several times — great music, great poetry. You can Google or Bing his name to find out the scoop.

    1. Matter of fact, I was just in contact with him about that gig recently. A lady friend from Le Mars told me about him and it… unfortunately, I have something going on that same weekend so I can’t make it,.I sent him a CD and he gave me a very nice review of it…put in a good word for me if you talk to him please….

      1. I will do that! Bob and Sheila are good folks ( musically talented too ! ) and have been providing a good experience for performers and all for many years, but it so happens the event is always on Labour day weekend. This does coincide with other gigs I’m sure. .

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