Another glorius day!

Sun is shining and there is just a very lite breeze. Only those who have gone thru’ hurricane force winds can probably appreciate a calm day, to the best effect.

The horses were in getting a drink when I went out so I caught up the team and Gramma and Spike rode along on the wagon when I took bean down to the cows, down south. Seeing as the team had not been used much of late and that it is such a nice day, they acted like they were trotters more than a farm team. I kept them in and the young team was hanging out when I put them away so I kept them in also. I will try and play with them, especially Rill, as she is so spooky acting and not trusting of humans, and perhaps someone will come visit and I will have help to go along and drive these young ones alongside the old ones.

Seeing as it was fairly calm, I burnt all the old salt sacks that were piling up in the granary.

Now, back to my saddle!

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