Got up to or over 70 today! I feed with the team and then hooked on to a blade I have fixed up to get grabbed by the arms of the bale unroller and then went out and scraped up cow pies. It pulled pretty good and the team got up a real good sweat before we quit. That will teach them to act fat and sassy. I left them in the barn until I went back out after dinner, then unharnessed them and turned them loose to drink and roll. Then I went and rode Brody.
Me and the dogs drove up north and shut gates in preparation for moving the cows just north of the house tomorrow when I feed. I want to feed on some poor doing ground and get some fertilizer on it. I will put them back where they are now and the pasture north of it when we get started calving in about a month. Can’t calve up north because of all the water in the creek. Sides are pretty straight and they spit one out over the bank and they get frozen or drowned. So I calve where there is little natural water and then can turn them up on the creek after they calve.
Also finished up on a part of the saddle I had been tooling on. Not too much left to do. If I did nothing else for a day I believe it could be done.

5 thoughts on “Warm!

  1. Well if you don’t ant the rain, send it this way, we’ll take it. A nice rain a new baby calf and a new grandchild are always welcome here!

  2. Do you mean the ones I planted last fall? If so, I don’t know if they were even growing after we planted them.

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