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On occasion, I post things on here that express my viewpoint on different subjects. Marlon (see previous post’s comments) wishes I woulds stay way from “politics”. Well, I am here to inform you, that like it or not, politics is screwing with our lives each and every day. People do not go vote as they should ( 30 % , last time I looked actually took the time to go vote in the last election) and they are part of the reason the country is in the shape it is in today, because they do not take part. yeah, yeah, you all got good excuses, too…Bullshit! You who don’t votes are spitting on those who died to give you that privilege. And I’d bet most of you who don’t vote, also bitch about policies and the things that politics bring to our day to day life. Seems to me like many have died around the world to have the privileges we have today, and people here just go on about their merry little lives, letting others worry about that. “My oh my, life is so fun, too bad them other people are so silly as to think dull dreary things like politics have anything to do with their every day lives…tee hee… ”

So, too bad Marlon, I will keep politics in here from time to time and scream and holler and rant and rave and if you don’t like it, kiss my ass, this is MY blog. I started it as a journal, so my grand children and great grandchildren could see my thoughts, someday when I am dead and gone. And part of those are about politics. As they say, those who do not pay attention to history are doomed to repeat it… and I am sick of seeing this nation going down in flames as Europe is, because of the same stupid socialistic policies that have been enacted over there. At least you’d think we would be smart enough not to do the same, but then, we can’t even get the majority to vote in an election

If you want to debate me on anything I write on here, do so in the comments. If you show a glimmer of imagination or some brains, I will gladly debate or argue with you. But do NOT tell me what to put or not put in my blog. I ain’t doing this for you. I am doing this for ME. And MINE…

Yeah, that’s how I roll, dawg… deal with it….

Got the horses in, caught Beaver and rode down to doctor some sore footed yearlings. Roped 6 to doctor but screwed up and caught a couple more by accident as I was roping those, so had to get the ropes off them. No big deal, but took a bit. Warmer but a nice breeze…

Here’s some pictures I took this morning…

Horses sure didn’t want to come in this morning. And then acted silly when they got to the corral. Wonder if a cat came thru’?

Say a prayer or two and maybe go check out Jeffro’s latest blog thread.

While off trucking (his job) his house burnt down with every thing he owns in it. Perhaps his cat, which is sad, as like he said, he didn’t deserve.

Hopefully the cat got away, and poor ol’ Jeff is not feeling sorry for himself, but is worried about the poor cat.

All these fires didn’t effect me much until this brings it home…..

Sad part of it is, there will be many more until we get enough moisture to off set all the heat, withering plants and making the forests dry….

Supposed to get up over 100 by afternoon. About 93 now with some wind.

Been working in the house, pampering my shoulder. I had got some medicine last week, but it wasn’t quite strong enough to whip it so I took Cindy in to a dentist yesterday afternoon and got a refill. So I am just trying not to use it much, as the Doctor told me to do when I first went in. Just tendinitis I think, but not where I’ve had it before.

We did some shopping then had an early supper with Fr Tyler today is his 3rd anniversary of his ordination into the priesthood. He still loves it! And the people he works with. We are very proud of him and the work he does.

Afterward’s he had to take some young folks to a function where they were raising money, so we went to Cabela’s and checked out pistols that felt good to Cindy. We’ve been thinking of getting her one to plink with and shoot the occasional deer she hits with her car and doesn’t kill outright. We didn’t buy any, but found one she liked and I approved of…. 😉

Been working on some poems and songs and headed to the studio tomorrow to record. I’d like to get this project done in time to have some to sell this early fall. Need to get a day Chance can get there also and pick along….got a branding end of the week. Last one until we do our last few calves.

and windy, this morning.

I left Friday a little after noon and drove down by Martin and stayed over night with Ken and Nancy Cook. We got up Saturday and headed south of Lexington Neb for a family reunion, where Ken and I were the entertainment. We stopped in Valentine and picked up there daughter and son in law and two grand daughters. Good thing we took their Suburban! Good crew, good trip and a good time. The Helms family were celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founders of their family in that area’s, wedding. We did the gig and spent the night then back home on Sunday.

Dry down there and the whole way. We are greener and in better shape than most I saw. Grain being combined down there and the grass is dry and brown. Corn that was irrigated looked good, but the dry land stuff was short. This whole country needs lots of rain. Hope we get it and I suppose for many it is too late for much of a hay crop but the grasses can use it.

Cindy and I drove around this morning and checked on cattle and feed and every thing looks as good as can be expected. Our little bunch of pairs, the cattle look fat and the calves are doing good.

Looked south and I had yearlings back where I’d moved them from. Went and looked at the fence and worked on some and couldn’t find where they went thru’ so I guess I just missed some. Hidin’ seek little boogers!

Got the gates all set so I will go move them tomorrow and maybe fix some more fence. Lord knows there’s enough of that! 🙂

Did skirtwork, as Linda sez’, this morning. Got all my laundry done and it’s been awhile. Washed about 4 or 5 loads of clothes and hung all but the under garments on the line.

Went down to Punkin’ Center about noon for stuff and to get a new tire on the trailer. Still can’t believe the other one held air as long as it did with 5 horses on and even bouncing around out in the pasture where we branded the first bunch. Jayme cut my hair after lunch, at PraireHair Cut and Curl. Did a good job and had some good conversation.

When Cindy got home we went and fixed fence then drove up to look at the pairs. Got several new ones. I think they are all calved out, but they were bunched up enough it was hard to tell. Oh well, if they ain’t they will be soon. I will bring them in to sort heifers off before too long.

Got a gig down south with Ken Cook on Saturday. Think I will run down to their place Friday night and have some fun. I have been working on a new song with his input. Coming along pretty good.

We took some radishes up to the neighbor lady as we have a bunch, so this evening I went and thinned on them some more. Sure are good with supper and now with pretzels!

Nice day, not too hot hardly a breeze.

Me and Beaver and Buck and Bob went and moved yearlings this morning. roped and doctored 3. Bob and Buck didn’t help much at that job but did stay the hell out of the way. and then they did help to get them back up after I was done. The way I rope, they are pretty tired by the time I catch them and tie them down, so they are not real quick to jump to their feet! 🙂

But moving the cattle, Bob and Buck sure paid for a lot of dog food!

My shoulder is so sore from some tendinitis ( that I am trying to get the doctor to call in a prescription for me so Cindy can pick it up) that I can barely think straight. Sure didn’t help the roping any, tho’ it is in the left shoulder. Hey! I need an excuse, okay!!!!!!



Cool partially cloudy day with the wind picking up. Got about a half inch of rain last night! Praise the Lord!

We got up at 4 and were out of here by 5. Rick and Caden rode along, as did Eric, who we met up north a bit. Drove over to the ranch Chance and Hope are on and branded two bunches of calves. Good crew and the work went well.

We blew a cap on a tire on the trailer about 15 miles from where we were headed, but just slowed down a bit and went on. Tire held clear out into the pasture where we started gathering at. When we got the first bunch done, Caden and I went over to try and change it but the lug nuts were too tight. We drove back to one of the camps and used the air wrench and got it changed then rode from there, east a few miles and gathered a second bunch and worked them.

Weather held, never got real hot or real windy. I branded one iron on the first bunch and roped on the second about half the bunch than switched and finished up wrestling.Big ol’ calves but the crew was handy. Every time I looked up on the first bunch there would be from 2 to 4 calves on the ground and more coming.

Eric brought along a horse and he and Chance made a trade. so if he likes the Blue Dog he will keep him and Chance will keep a little bay who looks like Woody’s little brother. We got home about 9:30. Cindy rode along to help Hope and wrestle with Grandkids.

I have heard from two sons, so far today. Both wished me a Happy Fathers Day, as did one of the girls. I wished it right back to them, as all three of my son’s are fathers, tho’ Tyler is the Good Father and has to share in the children in the parish where he happens to be assigned ( of all ages). And he is fine with that.

I think of my Father this day and all the good fathers I have known. Some of them never had any children of their bloodlines, but yet, they were good fathers, or father figures. I think all males are called to be good fathers or father figures and I have to remind myself of this at times. Even if the child (of all ages) is not our blood child, we should still act as fathers to them and give them good examples and encouragement.

I am very proud of my son’s and the fathers and father figures they are. Must have learned something from their Mom… 🙂

Happy Fathers day to all you men out there…

Went south and finished up our fencing project yesterday and then shot BB guns last night. He is NOT as good as I am…:-)

We had visitors this morning and then we went out and he opened gates for me so i could get the tractor in the corral and clean up some of the mess in front of the feed rack. We are heading to the Bronc match at Philip after bit.. supposed to rain and get wild. Wind is blowing hard here now….