This morning

Got the horses in, caught Beaver and rode down to doctor some sore footed yearlings. Roped 6 to doctor but screwed up and caught a couple more by accident as I was roping those, so had to get the ropes off them. No big deal, but took a bit. Warmer but a nice breeze…

Here’s some pictures I took this morning…

Horses sure didn’t want to come in this morning. And then acted silly when they got to the corral. Wonder if a cat came thru’?

10 thoughts on “This morning

  1. both foals have the same daddy? If so, he definitely controls color don’t he…….a couple nice babies…………..

  2. Nice foals. If I owned more than 1.13 acres I’d be making an offer. 🙂

    How often will you see a cat around there?

    1. Jim don’t let that bother you, you buy them and I will run them, cheap! 😉 I have never seen a cat, just evidence, neighbor seen one a year or so ago, but they hide real well!

    1. Marlon, kiss my ass, politics is what is screwing up this country with all the cry baby, bed wetting progressives who want the world to make a living for them and the rest of the lazy bastards. You don’t like my views, take a hike, it’s my blog and I will not cowtow to anyone…

  3. Amen, you are so right, the working people are expected to take care of the lazy, there are people that know how to work the system and we pay for it. Keep writing the truth and most of us will keep reading. Thanks

    1. The filly will name herself at some point when I am working on her. a name will come to mind… that is usually how it works. If you start out with a name they always get called something else…

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