Overcast and cool

and windy, this morning.

I left Friday a little after noon and drove down by Martin and stayed over night with Ken and Nancy Cook. We got up Saturday and headed south of Lexington Neb for a family reunion, where Ken and I were the entertainment. We stopped in Valentine and picked up there daughter and son in law and two grand daughters. Good thing we took their Suburban! Good crew, good trip and a good time. The Helms family were celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founders of their family in that area’s, wedding. We did the gig and spent the night then back home on Sunday.

Dry down there and the whole way. We are greener and in better shape than most I saw. Grain being combined down there and the grass is dry and brown. Corn that was irrigated looked good, but the dry land stuff was short. This whole country needs lots of rain. Hope we get it and I suppose for many it is too late for much of a hay crop but the grasses can use it.

Cindy and I drove around this morning and checked on cattle and feed and every thing looks as good as can be expected. Our little bunch of pairs, the cattle look fat and the calves are doing good.

3 thoughts on “Overcast and cool

  1. Cattle grazing green grass fat and looking sleek. Sure sounds good, hope that overcast lets loose with a little moisture for you.

  2. I wish we could send some Minnesota rain your way. 10″ in Duluth Friday, lots of flooding and millions of $ in losses.

    Glad to hear it’s green there. The green and blooming prairie is a beautiful thing.

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