Warmish…and an Anniversary

Supposed to get up over 100 by afternoon. About 93 now with some wind.

Been working in the house, pampering my shoulder. I had got some medicine last week, but it wasn’t quite strong enough to whip it so I took Cindy in to a dentist yesterday afternoon and got a refill. So I am just trying not to use it much, as the Doctor told me to do when I first went in. Just tendinitis I think, but not where I’ve had it before.

We did some shopping then had an early supper with Fr Tyler today is his 3rd anniversary of his ordination into the priesthood. He still loves it! And the people he works with. We are very proud of him and the work he does.

Afterward’s he had to take some young folks to a function where they were raising money, so we went to Cabela’s and checked out pistols that felt good to Cindy. We’ve been thinking of getting her one to plink with and shoot the occasional deer she hits with her car and doesn’t kill outright. We didn’t buy any, but found one she liked and I approved of…. 😉

Been working on some poems and songs and headed to the studio tomorrow to record. I’d like to get this project done in time to have some to sell this early fall. Need to get a day Chance can get there also and pick along….got a branding end of the week. Last one until we do our last few calves.

3 thoughts on “Warmish…and an Anniversary

  1. Boy you sure passed us up on the temps, we are still in the 70s here. Take care of yourself old man and can’t wait until I can here what you come up with in the studio. 🙂

  2. So what did Cindy like? We got a new weapon..one called a Circuit Judge..stainless steel and real pretty..and shoots good too…it fits the bill for us out here in the boonies..I could take someones knee caps out for sure:)
    Turning warm here too..I think summer is here! 🙂

  3. She liked a Ruger 38. Can’t remember what it is called. A wheel gun. Shoots single or double.

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