On occasion, I post things on here that express my viewpoint on different subjects. Marlon (see previous post’s comments) wishes I woulds stay way from “politics”. Well, I am here to inform you, that like it or not, politics is screwing with our lives each and every day. People do not go vote as they should ( 30 % , last time I looked actually took the time to go vote in the last election) and they are part of the reason the country is in the shape it is in today, because they do not take part. yeah, yeah, you all got good excuses, too…Bullshit! You who don’t votes are spitting on those who died to give you that privilege. And I’d bet most of you who don’t vote, also bitch about policies and the things that politics bring to our day to day life. Seems to me like many have died around the world to have the privileges we have today, and people here just go on about their merry little lives, letting others worry about that. “My oh my, life is so fun, too bad them other people are so silly as to think dull dreary things like politics have anything to do with their every day lives…tee hee… ”

So, too bad Marlon, I will keep politics in here from time to time and scream and holler and rant and rave and if you don’t like it, kiss my ass, this is MY blog. I started it as a journal, so my grand children and great grandchildren could see my thoughts, someday when I am dead and gone. And part of those are about politics. As they say, those who do not pay attention to history are doomed to repeat it… and I am sick of seeing this nation going down in flames as Europe is, because of the same stupid socialistic policies that have been enacted over there. At least you’d think we would be smart enough not to do the same, but then, we can’t even get the majority to vote in an election

If you want to debate me on anything I write on here, do so in the comments. If you show a glimmer of imagination or some brains, I will gladly debate or argue with you. But do NOT tell me what to put or not put in my blog. I ain’t doing this for you. I am doing this for ME. And MINE…

Yeah, that’s how I roll, dawg… deal with it….