Didn’t get ’em

Looked south and I had yearlings back where I’d moved them from. Went and looked at the fence and worked on some and couldn’t find where they went thru’ so I guess I just missed some. Hidin’ seek little boogers!

Got the gates all set so I will go move them tomorrow and maybe fix some more fence. Lord knows there’s enough of that! šŸ™‚

Did skirtwork, as Linda sez’, this morning. Got all my laundry done and it’s been awhile. Washed about 4 or 5 loads of clothes and hung all but the under garments on the line.

Went down to Punkin’ Center about noon for stuff and to get a new tire on the trailer. Still can’t believe the other one held air as long as it did with 5 horses on and even bouncing around out in the pasture where we branded the first bunch. Jayme cut my hair after lunch, at PraireHair Cut and Curl. Did a good job and had some good conversation.

When Cindy got home we went and fixed fence then drove up to look at the pairs. Got several new ones. I think they are all calved out, but they were bunched up enough it was hard to tell. Oh well, if they ain’t they will be soon. I will bring them in to sort heifers off before too long.

Got a gig down south with Ken Cook on Saturday. Think I will run down to their place Friday night and have some fun. I have been working on a new song with his input. Coming along pretty good.

We took some radishes up to the neighbor lady as we have a bunch, so this evening I went and thinned on them some more. Sure are good with supper and now with pretzels!

Nice day, not too hot hardly a breeze.

3 thoughts on “Didn’t get ’em

    1. I hate to brag,m but I am a purty good wife…. šŸ™‚ I just do my own laundry. A hold over from when the boys all still lived here. If Cindy did the laundry, too many of my clothes got stole by boys! šŸ™‚

  1. Damn yearlings!! They just won’t stay where they are suppose to. I hate fence work but we do ALOT of it here. Glad to see your staying busy……lol

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