We got up at 4 and were out of here by 5. Rick and Caden rode along, as did Eric, who we met up north a bit. Drove over to the ranch Chance and Hope are on and branded two bunches of calves. Good crew and the work went well.

We blew a cap on a tire on the trailer about 15 miles from where we were headed, but just slowed down a bit and went on. Tire held clear out into the pasture where we started gathering at. When we got the first bunch done, Caden and I went over to try and change it but the lug nuts were too tight. We drove back to one of the camps and used the air wrench and got it changed then rode from there, east a few miles and gathered a second bunch and worked them.

Weather held, never got real hot or real windy. I branded one iron on the first bunch and roped on the second about half the bunch than switched and finished up wrestling.Big ol’ calves but the crew was handy. Every time I looked up on the first bunch there would be from 2 to 4 calves on the ground and more coming.

Eric brought along a horse and he and Chance made a trade. so if he likes the Blue Dog he will keep him and Chance will keep a little bay who looks like Woody’s little brother. We got home about 9:30. Cindy rode along to help Hope and wrestle with Grandkids.