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Farm (ranch) productivitey
Compared to 1950……
! If same farm productivity as 1950, 
only feed half of current U.S. 
population ………….
! No food for: 

Compared to 1950……
! Conventional beef cattle: 
2/3’s less CO 2, land and feed required
! Dairy cattle: 
63% more milk with 58% fewer cows, 
70% less manure
65% less water
90% less land
63% less CO 2

U.S. cattle farmers & ranchers 
provide 25% of the world’s beef 
with 10% of the cattle

85% of U.S. grazing land is 
unsuitable for crop production

Globally, beef cattle consume just 
5% of total grain production

And if your worried about Global Warming….

Livestock accounts for less than 3% 
of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions

Open space – primarily managed by 
cattlemen – provides habitat  for  
75% of America’s wildlife


I love it!

Enough to make the roof leak, which sounds stupid to be happy about, but we have to get a pretty good rain for the roof to leak and this time, I got smart enough to go up stairs and dig around in the ceiling to find the leaking spot, now that I have tarred and tinned where I THOUGHT it was leaking…..

Next nice day when I have help, we will fix it. Hopefully for good, this time.

Found a new website/blog. Check out his blog and short stories. I ordered two of his books on Cindy’s Kindle.

Windy sumbuck today. Never got over 60 and cooler weather supposed to stay. Supposed to get an inch of rain in the next 245 hours. I sure hope so….

Interesting findings from a report on 60 Minutes

60 minutes sugar
Dr. Robert Lustig
Gary Taubes
>150 pounds per capita
58 pounds per capita

And here is what the Bible said about what to feed honord guests…

Genesis 18: 7­8
Abraham also ran to the herd, and took a tender and choice calf and gave it to the servant, and he hurried 
to prepare it. 

He took curds and milk and the calf which he had prepared, 
and placed it before them; and he was standing by 
them under the tree as they ate.

Hmmm, beef! Not veggies! Or tofu!

And what about salt?

Meta analysis of 167 sodium diet studies
Effect of reduced sodium levels in
people with normal and high BP.
Low sodium diets: no effect on BP, but…
increased risk of CHD
American Journal of Hypertension
(2012); 251, 1–15

NO EFFECT on Blood Pressure!

But look here…

Current salt recommendations:
1500 mg/day males >50 years of age
<2400 mg everyone else
Practically, only fruit juices fit this requirement. Eliminates all meats and most vegetables from diet.
Disconnect: Public diet recommendations and science.

Since 1950’s: Recommended diets from academia, MD’s and government: Low Fat/High Carb…no red meat, no saturated

Results of 50 years of “low fat/high carb” diet strategies
! 15% of children between 6 and 19 are overweight
! 70% of Americans are overweight
“½ of this figure is nearing obese!
19 million adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
(1/2 of all adult Native Americans)!
79 million are pre­diabetic !
90 million suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease

Nutritional profile of beef
! Highest quality “essential” amino 
acids (ALL 20)
! Best natural sources of (heme) iron 
and required trace minerals
! Low in Ca but high in Phos
! Essential B vitamins (B12)
! *FAT

Two Harvard studies:
Beef Kills!
Beef’s Great!

March, 2012 Harvard Epi study! Epi. survey, NOT a research trial! All diet data from questionnaire given every FOUR years! NO questions on refined carbs

March, 2012 Harvard Epi study! Smokers ate more beef, therefore beef lowered life expectancy.
! Only risk factor > 2x is significant
! Bias of Harvard scientist?

2010 Am. J. of Clinical Nutr.*
Authors: Harvard University
! Meta analysis 21 clinical diet studies
! Is there an association between saturated 
fat intake and heart disease?
! None
! Major risk factors for CHD?: refined 
carbohydrates and excess adiposity
*AJCN. First published ahead of print 
January 20, 2010 as doi: 10.3945/ajcn.2008.26285
*AJCN. First published ahead of print 
January 13, 2010 as doi: 10.3945/ajcn.2009.27725

What if its all been a big FAT lie?

Fat in Beef 

! 30% Stearic Acid
! 40% Oleic Acid
! Both lower “small dense” LDL and raise HDL
! Remaining 30% neutral
! Fat in beef is heart healthy

Media myths vs. food safety reality

By Dr. Richard Raymond

A couple of weeks ago I blogged a piece for Feedstuffs titled: “Dude, It’s Beef.” Part of my “beef” was that media sensationalism and repeated use of the words “pink slime” had basically shut down BPI and caused us to discard or redirect to pet food 10-15 lb. of beef per animal slaughtered.

I don’t care if my readers are omnivores or vegetarian, that is their choice. What I DO care about is the wasting of any edible part of any animal raised and slaughtered that could be used to feed us. I think this should be considered reprehensible.

And I do not dislike all media persons. Some are very good investigative journalists, some keep us on our toes and some educate us daily.

Yet, there are those that seek sensationalism and forget about telling the simple truth. Some have a hidden or covert mission behind what they print and/or report. Ideally, reporters should be transparent as to their goals, just like they are demanding the meat and poultry industries be more transparent about how it produces the food we eat.

When I was Nebraska’s State Health Official I had it made. There was only one statewide daily paper and very few television stations. I got to know the reporters who covered health very well, and we got along.

I trusted them, and they trusted me. I respected their deadlines, and they respected my need for an occasional “no comment.” They did not put words into my mouth or misquote me.

I helped them get the information they sought, and they helped me to educate Nebraskans on important health issues.

But the new wave of rookie reporters and social media outlets looking for sensational headlines and stories are misleading many gullible people and having a serious impact on policymakers.

That is why it was so reassuring to learn that Dr. Guy Loneragan, with the support of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Assn., was able to tell it like it is in the beef industry to 40-50 Hill staffers in D.C. the other day. But can one voice outweigh the daily exposure to the anti-beef messages?

Before anyone says “daily” may be an exaggeration, let me give you some numbers to support my claim.

In 1996 there were approximately nine cases of laboratory confirmed foodborne illnesses caused by listeria, E. coli and campylobacter per 100,000 persons living in the U.S. There were approximately 400 media mentions of foodborne illnesses.

In 2010, foodborne illnesses linked to the three pathogens were down to about 5 per 100,000 persons. However, media mentions of foodborne illnesses skyrocketed to over 1,500.

Overall, the incidence of confirmed foodborne illness from all pathogens is down 23% in the last decade, yet reporting of such has increased by over 200%.

Why? Because reporting bad news sells, and because the current atmosphere in America leads people to believe we are going the wrong direction when it comes to food safety. This has prompted consumers to want to know more about food safety issues.

It is true that part of what is behind this increase in media mentions are the increased recognition of outbreaks because of PulseNet, and I have blogged on this phenomena earlier.

But more of the increase comes from the “pink slime” crowd, or the “expose” of what goes into ground beef, or the comparison of McDonald’s testing requirements vs. the National School Lunch Program requirements, or humane handling videos, etc. Sensationalism sells.

Some in the media have pushed back on my “Dude, it’s Beef” blog saying it is their obligation to report the truth and educate the public.

So I ask them today, if you want to report the truth and educate your readers, where is the media outcry about raw milk?

It seems like every week there is another outbreak associated with this product, and more kids are being hospitalized with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome because their parents are buying this product and feeding it to them with the mistaken belief it will cure their asthma or their attention deficit disorder or just plain make them healthier.

Wrong. It will kill them, and we have a perfectly safe alternative.

LFTB has made no one ill, and certainly not killed anyone.
I just finished reading a book by David McCullough titled Truman. A picture and a couple of quotes in the book indicate the media has a long history of misleading the public.

One of the most famous examples given in the book is the picture of Harry Truman at a train stop on the way back to D.C. in the early morning of the day after the 1948 Presidential election. In the picture a beaming Truman holds aloft the Chicago Tribune with the headline “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

On page 716, reflecting on the headline, T.S. Matthews, the managing editor of Time is quoted as saying: “I think the press has been pretending too much more wisdom than it had any right to claim, and has been getting away with murder for some time. The plain fact now appears to be that … the press hasn’t known what time of day it is for years.”

Well, if the press did not murder BPI, they sure as heck caused serious injury.

Truman himself is quoted, on page 819, as having written that some reporters were: “The prostitutes of the mind in my opinion … and are much more dangerous to the future of mankind than the prostitutes of the body.”

I believe his point was that reporters are for sale. They get paid for what they do, and they probably get bonuses or incentives for increasing sales and the number of readers.

By the way, in the interest of full transparency, I do get compensated for my Feedstuffs blogs, but not one dime is based on number of hits, “likes” or comments. No one tells me what to write or rewrites what I submit. These are all my thoughts, whether you agree with them or not.

And I am obviously an omnivore. Just so you all know.

Dr. Richard Raymond is a medical doctor by training and a former undersecretary of agriculture for food safety at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Hormone use?

The following scientific bodies have concluded that the use of hormone implants is safe:

World Health Organization
UN Food and Ag Organization
EEC “Lamming Committee, 1982”
Health Canada (Bureau of Veterinary Drugs)
Codex Alimentarius Commission (July 1995)
(an international organization that recommends food safety standards )
EU Conference Brussels (November 29- December 1, 1995)

The hormone implant is made of Estrogen

Estrogen content in Beef *
*Oklahoma State University, Implant Symposium, May 1997

Estrogen in One pound serving

Untreated steer 8 nanograms
Implanted steer 11 nanograms
Untreated heifer 9 nanograms
Pregnant heifer 700 nanograms
Intact Bull 110 nanograms
Peas 2,000 nanograms
Wheatgerm 2,000 nanograms
Soybean oil 1,000,000 nanograms
Milk 65 nanograms

Nanogram = 1 billionth of a gram
That is one blade of grass in a football field,
One Billion seconds ago = 1978

Human Estradiol Production*
*Oklahoma Implant Symposium

Boys 40,000 nanograms
Girls 40,000 nanograms
Adult Male 100,000 nanograms
Non Pregnant Female 5,000,000 nanograms
Pregnant Female 90,000,000 nanograms

The E.U. has declared E2 17ba (estrogen) carcinogen.

One Birth Control Pill contains the same amount of estrogen 
as 125,000 lbs of beef from an implanted steers.

Pink slime?

What a crock!

It’s finely textured lean beef. they take the trimmings that are too small to do much else but make hamburger from, heat it and then put it in a machine much like a cream seperater or salad spinner and spin it, so they can take almost all the fat off and all/any bone from it. Then they have a product that is 97% lean beef. They put a small amount of “ammonia” gas over it to kill any bacteria.

This was approved by the FDA 40 years ago and has been being used world wide since that time.By doing this it has produced a drop in E coli in beef by 55% in the last 10 years.

This same thing with the gas is done in multiple foods, such as baking, cheeses,grains, etc….

Lets look at a hamburger and see what has what in it, as to ammonia…
Bun 2 oz. 440 ppm (parts per million)
Bacon 1 oz. 160 ppm
Condiments 2 oz. 440 ppm
Cheese 1.5 oz. 813 ppm
Beef 3.2 oz. 200 ppm

Yeah, beef is just really bad, huh?

I will be posting more as time permits.

Got up to 80 or there about, I guess. Not much wind, just a soft breeze. Cindy and I fed the cows, and hauled an old water tank in for her to plant stuff in. Then off to Punkin Center to get her lawn mower checked out for the season. Ate some lunch and then got some stuff at CRS, picked up the lawnmower and home. Got my tractor going and went and pulled a couple corner posts I am no longer using and set one at a creek crossing. Went back this evening and got the water gap back in, so it will be handier to kick pairs out. Got 12 or 13 out there that need to be moved up the creek.

Here’s some photo’s from this morning…

Got Rocky Mountain oysters frying and a big ol’ slug of ice and water and Old Crow. Life is getting better….

About 60 and just a soft wind/breeze out of the south east. Brad brought the filly back this morning and he was on his way to an auction so brought a video he made of what he was doing with her. Cindy rode Beaver tonight and I rode the filly and we went up west after I did some checking out of her in the round pen. Just like her Mom and Dad, pretty sensitive and feels like she would move on a feather touch, but went real well. Brad done good, but then, he always has before too.