Here’s the facts….

Pink slime?

What a crock!

It’s finely textured lean beef. they take the trimmings that are too small to do much else but make hamburger from, heat it and then put it in a machine much like a cream seperater or salad spinner and spin it, so they can take almost all the fat off and all/any bone from it. Then they have a product that is 97% lean beef. They put a small amount of “ammonia” gas over it to kill any bacteria.

This was approved by the FDA 40 years ago and has been being used world wide since that time.By doing this it has produced a drop in E coli in beef by 55% in the last 10 years.

This same thing with the gas is done in multiple foods, such as baking, cheeses,grains, etc….

Lets look at a hamburger and see what has what in it, as to ammonia…
Bun 2 oz. 440 ppm (parts per million)
Bacon 1 oz. 160 ppm
Condiments 2 oz. 440 ppm
Cheese 1.5 oz. 813 ppm
Beef 3.2 oz. 200 ppm

Yeah, beef is just really bad, huh?

I will be posting more as time permits.

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