What a nice January day!

Got the snow melted down to soft ice and water. Must be our January thaw, but it’s been so nice, I didn’t expect it to get better! Supposed to stay like this for awhile too. Great! Dean stopped in for a visit and tea this morning. We had tea and a good visit. I hadContinue reading “What a nice January day!”

Warning! Adult material in following post!

http://www.fetchmyflyingmonkeys.com/2012/01/23/j-has-always-said-he-views-it-as-his-responsibility-to-mankind-to-make-sure-i-never-have-any-political-power-whatsoever-ill-have-that-motherfucker-imprisoned-right-after-the-election/#comment-36683 Copy this and paste it in your browser and go see who will get my vote! I think if we all get behind this, we can turn this nation around!!   Come on people!!!!!!   🙂

Another glorius day!

Sun is shining and there is just a very lite breeze. Only those who have gone thru’ hurricane force winds can probably appreciate a calm day, to the best effect. The horses were in getting a drink when I went out so I caught up the team and Gramma and Spike rode along on theContinue reading “Another glorius day!”

Wet, windy and SLIPPERY

Wow. got a little rain last night and maybe some snow and when you walk out there, you wish you was sharp shod. Not too cold, tho’ that wind has a bite to it, but I about fell down several times as the snow is real slippery from the rain . It’s in the 30’sContinue reading “Wet, windy and SLIPPERY”