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Cindy and I went in this morning and met up with some friends from east and north of here. Watched part of the Ranch Rodeo preliminaries. Then walked across the street to the Mexican restaurant and had lunch with Padre Tyler.

Another nice day, but a little wind, but I ain’t complaining! Supposed to be nice tomorrow too. After we ate, we walked back over to the Civic Center and found our friends and then walked and looked and visited with lots of people we know from all over. Left, went to Sturgis, bought some groceries and came home. Now, if I could just get this head ache to leave life would be peachy!

I January!


In South Dakota!


Whew! Don’t you just love Glowbull Warming???? 😉

Yup, was real nice. Not even a lot of wind but it didn’t matter as I worked in the leather shop most of the day after I did my chores. One thing about it, sure don’t have to worry about chopping ice!

Sooo…. if we are warmer than normal now, does that mean we will be cooler than normal later? Like in July? Highs in the 70’s? Wow! Suppose we could even stand that???? 🙂

No, not the weather, me. I have one. Again. I have been eating echinasia and L Lysine. Sort of making it manageable. But it’s still there.

The lady in front of me at Mass was somewhat offended that I wouldn’t shake hands with her. Finally made her understand that I had a cold and didn’t want to spread it around. I guess some people don’t understand that you spread colds with skin to skin touch, much more than airborn.

Had friends stop over after words and we had nice visit. I had fixed a belt of Brents and he had dropped it off a month ago or so.

I have been working on some new songs. got two down and recorded on here, but they are poor recordings. Sound pretty good on Garageband, but not on Itunes, when I make then into an Mp4 or whatever they are called, so I can send them off for people to listen to. One is a fast, upbeat one and another is a ballad about a guy who was hung at Sturgis, years ago. He killed a couple of guys, just a mile or two from here. Last legal hanging in Meade County.


Yeah, real happy, upbeat stuff! 😉

Supposed to be up in the 40’s to 50 all this week for highs. January thaw time!

We’ve been married as of today.






Wow. I guess she’s finally getting used to it tho’! 😉

Go here.

Scroll down a bit.




Me and Mijo in the two rein.


I love it!

Got the snow melted down to soft ice and water. Must be our January thaw, but it’s been so nice, I didn’t expect it to get better! Supposed to stay like this for awhile too. Great!

Dean stopped in for a visit and tea this morning. We had tea and a good visit. I had caught up the horses this morning while I was choring so this afternoon I went out and hooked up Wren with Ron. Cindy got home before I was done so she snapped some pictures and video. May be able to upload some video to Youtube, as I can’t on here.

I sure like this little chariot for starting these colts!

Here’s some photo’s. Click to make ’em bigger.

Chance and Hopes second son, Sam is 4 years old today! Hopefully we will get to see him. Because I just love to give kids their birthday spankings on their birthday! 😉

Here is the latest progress on my saddle.

Copy this and paste it in your browser and go see who will get my vote! I think if we all get behind this, we can turn this nation around!!


Come on people!!!!!!



Sun is shining and there is just a very lite breeze. Only those who have gone thru’ hurricane force winds can probably appreciate a calm day, to the best effect.

The horses were in getting a drink when I went out so I caught up the team and Gramma and Spike rode along on the wagon when I took bean down to the cows, down south. Seeing as the team had not been used much of late and that it is such a nice day, they acted like they were trotters more than a farm team. I kept them in and the young team was hanging out when I put them away so I kept them in also. I will try and play with them, especially Rill, as she is so spooky acting and not trusting of humans, and perhaps someone will come visit and I will have help to go along and drive these young ones alongside the old ones.

Seeing as it was fairly calm, I burnt all the old salt sacks that were piling up in the granary.

Now, back to my saddle!

Wow. got a little rain last night and maybe some snow and when you walk out there, you wish you was sharp shod. Not too cold, tho’ that wind has a bite to it, but I about fell down several times as the snow is real slippery from the rain . It’s in the 30’s and water dripping off the roof when I let the dogs out of their house. Horses were in the corral looking for a handout,and I suppose with their wet backs they are a bit chilly, so they are ramming and jamming to get warm. Glad I don’t have to saddle one and step on as my butt is just too round for that and I’d fall off. Any way I try to travel, looks like an old feller like me could slip and break a hip! 😉

I had fed yesterday, knowing it was going to be like this today, so every thing should be set. I’d gotten some 2 inch styrafoam when I was in town the other day and put it over the float for the cattle down south to insulate it where the float is and the tank for the horses and calves wasn’t iced over, so it looks like I can go in the shop and get back to work on my saddle. 🙂

Cindy didn’t go in to work today because of the roads and she is feeling guilty. but I don’t know why. Hell, she couldn’t hardly get out of the driveway! Let alone 60 miles to town.

The Bishop was out to Mass last night. I hope he has safe travels on to the other parishes today!