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She covers this subject better than anything I have probably ever read.


Wish I could write like that!

We branded at a neighbors today. Winds gusting to 70mph and some snow . Exhilarating!

We were out in it to gather and work the cows but had a shed to brand the calves. Thank goodness!




When I went to feed him last night he was gone! He’d flown the coop!

I’ve looked all over this morning where a baby calf might be and so far no luck! Drat!


Fred is found. He was down in the neighbors pasture looking for mommy, or something. He is safely ensconced back in the shed, with the door SHUT!

Pictures at a later date!


Here’s how it ended up. This is one of the old style box camera’s that they put a drop cloth on and stand under neath it and take the picture. Cedrick builds them and then takes pictures with them. He said he will be back this summer with this camera, when he gets it all done, to take some pictures.

Had one new calf when I looked this morning. Rode Mijo and rode him just with the reins and never had to touch the bosal until we got in a minor configulation with some pairs I was moving. He stuck his left hind foot thru’ the wires of a barbed wire gate I opened off from him, cuz he was screwing around and getting all hot and bothered. No big deal, he shook it off and never seemed to bother him and didn’t get cut. Roping them feet with a rope and getting them used to it paid off big time on that deal and many more.

Went out with the tractor this afternoon and fixed the other partially washed out crossing. It’s just a narrow one, mainly used for cattle and horses to cross where it’s kind of boggy. I need to put a couple logs alongside it and add more dirt to widen it so I can cross it with Purple at least. But that will hold off until later. Went over to Punkin Center at noon and ate a bite at the Bull Creek cafe. Full of little people and their parents. Civic Oration contest over there today and many went to the cafe to eat. I was wishing I didn’t have my hearing aid!!! Pretty hard to get used to hearing like most people do.

I got some salt and dog food and came home.

Pretty much it. But a nice day and will be a good one tomorrow. Got a guy coming to help me finish up his camera. He makes them out of boxes like the old time ones and had me cover this one with leather with carving and stamping. He has to help me attach it so we don’t cover anything up that will mess him up when he finishes it. I will try to remember and get some photos.

I’ve taken to calling the bucket calf, Fred. I don’t know why. Just seems to fit. When I go out with his bottle and go into the back of the shed where he’s been being kept, I holler at him, “Come on Fred.”

And he see’s me and here he comes to devour the bottle of milk replacer he gets 3 times a day.

Yesterday about noon, we left to go to town for my hearing appointment and just before we left I gave him a bottle and opened the shed door so he could go out into the corral and get some sunshine. Before bed last night I mixed him up a bottle and walked out into the shed, turned on the light and started calling to him, “Come here Fred. Come and get it.”

But no Fred.

He wouldn’t come.

There are no lights in the corral and it was dark and there is still enough mud and gunk I didn’t want to wander in the dark and find him so decided to heck with him. He’d be ready to come in the morning.

So this morning I warmed up his bottle from the night before, walked out and looked and there was no little black calf anywhere in or around the corrals. Hmmmm…..

I decided that he had either gotten scared by the dogs or something and went looking for me or milk or just on a grand adventure. He had stayed with his mother for about the first week or so of his life and it is amazing how a calf will always try and return to the last place he has suckled his mother, so on a hunch I got in Purple and drove out eat, looking all the time for a small black calf somewhere.

Off in the distance I could see the cow/calf pairs I hadn’t moved up the creek with the other pairs yet and I could see a black calf. Sure as heck when I got closer, there was Fred. None the worse for wear but pretty gaunt sided and I am sure wiser about cows who are not his mother!

I had brought the bottle of his milk with me and when he saw Purple he had looked at me and headed tentatively over towards me. I stopped, stepped out and started calling to him, “Come her Fred. Come get your bottle.”

When I got fairly close, her he came and boy can he suck a bottle when he is hungry! After he was done with it, I got him up close to the little Purple rig and grabbed him, stuffed him in the passenger side and shut the door. He walked up onto the seat with his front feet and as I drove back to the barn, he kept moving around. It was only his second ride in a vehicle after all and he was having a little trouble getting his “sea legs’.

When I got to the shed I pulled him out and put him back in the back end of the shed and he immediately wanted to suck another bottle.

What a grand adventure!

By the way, I can hear now. Real Well. Matter of fact all the way around town yesterday after getting one hearing aid and all the way home I had to keep reminding Cindy to quit screaming in my ear. Boy! Some people!

Got up in the 50’s and we had a little wind, but real nice.

Went and rebuilt one of the creek crossings then moved the cows across the road into the 80 this afternoon. I’d rode Mijo around the fence in the morning and checked fences and shut gates. Not too bad of fence for all the snow we had this winter. Won’t take too long to fix it but there is still plenty to go around. got a couple creek crossings where the fence goes thru’ the creek that needs attention. Went over to Delbert and Georges this evening and had a good visit. Cindy went in to town about noon to move her mother into the hospital in Sturgis. She is doing well and on the mend. I have an appointment to get my  hearing tested tomorrow and get some hearing aids. Hope I can stand to wear them. No new calves today, 5 yesterday.


He has risen!

Happy and blessed Easter tidings to all!

Meadowlarks and robins serenading me along with the baritone and bass notes of the frogs and Canadian geese on the nearby pond, chiming in.

A nodding, bobbing headed, two rein colt cautiously clicks the chirping cricket in the silver mounted spade bit he’s learning to carry. He feels and listens for the clues as to what the rider wants, seeking clues from the signals sent down the rawhide reins and horsehair mecate attached to the small, smooth,finely braided  leather covered bosal rounded over his nose and tucked under his chin. He rolls the round clacking cricket mounted in the center of the bit with his tongue in nervous anticipation and excitement of the maneuvers he must make to block and pressure the cow we are trailing. She has yet to realize there is an open gate, leading to fresh green pasture, that she must go through to escape the clutches of the boggy, rain soaked lot she has been held prisoner in for the past two days.

Baby calves frolicking alongside their wise slower moving mothers who know they are now allowed to leave this moisture laden morass to dine on fresh succulent sprigs of grass awaiting across the fence.

Dogs working in tandem, close to perfection as a team, from short, sharp commands from the master, parrying and thrusting, causing the scurrying and hurried, harried glances from these freshly calved mothers who cajole and bully their unknowing, unaware youngsters, in this annual rite of spring.

Alabaster hued sailing ships, towering high on a light breeze across this endless blue sea as they billow across the sky on their timeless voyage to eternity.

The Lord has truly blessed me.

that there is rain with this wind and not snow! Man! It’s howling! Supposedly up past 50 mph gusts. But supposed to die down tonight into tomorrow morning.

Good day to work in the leather shop.

By the way, if any of you would like me to send you a download for the songs I wrote and co-wrote, let me know your email and I will send you one, two or three, as you choose. Not a great recording, but you will get the gist of them.

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