Ahhh, springtime

Meadowlarks and robins serenading me along with the baritone and bass notes of the frogs and Canadian geese on the nearby pond, chiming in.

A nodding, bobbing headed, two rein colt cautiously clicks the chirping cricket in the silver mounted spade bit he’s learning to carry. He feels and listens for the clues as to what the rider wants, seeking clues from the signals sent down the rawhide reins and horsehair mecate attached to the small, smooth,finely braided  leather covered bosal rounded over his nose and tucked under his chin. He rolls the round clacking cricket mounted in the center of the bit with his tongue in nervous anticipation and excitement of the maneuvers he must make to block and pressure the cow we are trailing. She has yet to realize there is an open gate, leading to fresh green pasture, that she must go through to escape the clutches of the boggy, rain soaked lot she has been held prisoner in for the past two days.

Baby calves frolicking alongside their wise slower moving mothers who know they are now allowed to leave this moisture laden morass to dine on fresh succulent sprigs of grass awaiting across the fence.

Dogs working in tandem, close to perfection as a team, from short, sharp commands from the master, parrying and thrusting, causing the scurrying and hurried, harried glances from these freshly calved mothers who cajole and bully their unknowing, unaware youngsters, in this annual rite of spring.

Alabaster hued sailing ships, towering high on a light breeze across this endless blue sea as they billow across the sky on their timeless voyage to eternity.

The Lord has truly blessed me.

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