Had one new calf when I looked this morning. Rode Mijo and rode him just with the reins and never had to touch the bosal until we got in a minor configulation with some pairs I was moving. He stuck his left hind foot thru’ the wires of a barbed wire gate I opened off from him, cuz he was screwing around and getting all hot and bothered. No big deal, he shook it off and never seemed to bother him and didn’t get cut. Roping them feet with a rope and getting them used to it paid off big time on that deal and many more.

Went out with the tractor this afternoon and fixed the other partially washed out crossing. It’s just a narrow one, mainly used for cattle and horses to cross where it’s kind of boggy. I need to put a couple logs alongside it and add more dirt to widen it so I can cross it with Purple at least. But that will hold off until later. Went over to Punkin Center at noon and ate a bite at the Bull Creek cafe. Full of little people and their parents. Civic Oration contest over there today and many went to the cafe to eat. I was wishing I didn’t have my hearing aid!!! Pretty hard to get used to hearing like most people do.

I got some salt and dog food and came home.

Pretty much it. But a nice day and will be a good one tomorrow. Got a guy coming to help me finish up his camera. He makes them out of boxes like the old time ones and had me cover this one with leather with carving and stamping. He has to help me attach it so we don’t cover anything up that will mess him up when he finishes it. I will try to remember and get some photos.