Got up in the 50’s and we had a little wind, but real nice.

Went and rebuilt one of the creek crossings then moved the cows across the road into the 80 this afternoon. I’d rode Mijo around the fence in the morning and checked fences and shut gates. Not too bad of fence for all the snow we had this winter. Won’t take too long to fix it but there is still plenty to go around. got a couple creek crossings where the fence goes thru’ the creek that needs attention. Went over to Delbert and Georges this evening and had a good visit. Cindy went in to town about noon to move her mother into the hospital in Sturgis. She is doing well and on the mend. I have an appointment to get my  hearing tested tomorrow and get some hearing aids. Hope I can stand to wear them. No new calves today, 5 yesterday.