I imagine readers of this blog get tired of my reporting on weather. I apologies, but it has such a huge impact on me and what we do on the ranch. I am loving this mild fall and beginning or winter weather. Hard to believe Thanksgiving is past and December is here. Or knocking onContinue reading

Been a sad week around here. A friend from down in Nebraska had a young son injured in a car wreck. He was thrown clear and had injuries, the worse being to his brain. They life flighted him to Omaha and had been having good luck getting him revived and fixed for about a month.Continue reading

I got to remembering the other day. That isn’t always a good thing because it makes me see the changes that have come along in my lifetime. Yeah, I am getting old and not real happy with most of the changes. My first 5 years of grade school were to the same one room schoolhouseContinue reading

      Not sure if this is what people want to read…but maybe some youngster will gather something from it.      When I was young..when branding calves..we just caught them by hand and threw them down and held them. We learned the best and easiest way to do that at a very youngContinue reading

We got some calves shipped. Hate to say sold, at these prices! They are a lot of lighter than normal weight calves moving right now.Most ranchers are selling way earlier because of no feed left on pastures and very hard to find and expensive feed to keep them. Calves are being sent to areas south,Continue reading

  Back to the making of a saddle. I start by cutting the stirrup leathers out of the back of one hide. It has the length and strength needed for that piece. The first piece I will put on the tree is under the gullet. That is one place where some flanker type of leatherContinue reading

Taking off where I left off last week, to build a saddle you need various types of leather and materials. Most quality saddles are made from a wood tree covered in rawhide. Some makers make their own trees and others, like me, buy our trees from reputable makers.  I make many on what is calledContinue reading