If it weren’t for bad luck…

Last night about midnight, or would that be early this morning…, anyway, about midnight, Gus and Sam came roaring in the front door to tell us Chances house was on fire. The boys were sleeping there while Chance and Ada slept up here in our house. Ever since Chance broke his wrists he has been living here. Anyway, we all got up and looked and there was quite a blaze going on. the boys had woke up to smoke and a little fire that quickly turned in to a lot of fire as they ran out the door in their night clothes and their dog.

I have been fighting flu symptoms for most of the day and I wanted to go see if I could get some stuff out but Chance insisted I not, as it was too dangerous. Eventually a couple firetrucks and some neighbors showed up and we all stayed back and watched it burn. He had reloading equipment and and lots of ammo and there is a propane tank real close to the house.

As it stands now, it was a total loss. They lost quite a few guns, and guitars and artwork, all of which can be replaced. Neighbors brought some clothes for the kids over this morning and then their Mother showed up with more clothes.

One neighbor offered an old trailer house, but we are trying to figure out what he can do for housing. He can stay here for the short term and has been trying to figure out how he can afford to build some kind of structure, for several years. This might be Gods way of saying, “Yeah, do it”.

So, life goes on and we are all feeling blessed there was no loss of life. Sam did get a small burn on the top of his foot. Lots of lessons to be learned from this. No way of knowing what started it, but it was an old trailer so there are quite a few ways it could have happened.

Some neighbors started a place for people to donate items for an auction and fund raiser. Many people have sent money and it is all much appreciated. I am sure God will show us the way thru’ this just as He has done all these years. As a wise old Mexican said, “Everything happens for the best”. I am sure there will be good come from this and all the out pouring of messages and offers to help have been wonderful and are only the start.

I just thought you all might like to know.

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