Count your blessings 2

Well, as I told you, our son had broken both wrists last week. This is the saga, continued. 

We took him back to the Hills and they did surgery. Wow, to look at the x rays they sure used a lot of screws or nails or what ever!  The one wrist, looks like a board some little kid had and got into his dads nails and went to driving nails in! I’ve seen rafters with less screws in them!

But after the initial pain of the surgery was over he has been much better and even had his first physical therapy session. His daughter, who is a whiz in school, stayed home that week to help and nurse him. He has gotten pretty independent and can about fully dress himself and with hands covered, even gave himself a shower the other day. We had to saran wrap up his hands and arms, but did a good enough job there was no water leakage. And his son shampooed his head for him previous to that.

Some neighbors got together and are advertising a benefit to be done for him and people have been sending money and items to be auctioned off at the benefit. It sure revives your thoughts in mankind!

I decided as a way to help out I would put up a kissing booth and charge 1 dollar for a kiss from me and 5 dollars if you don’t want me to kiss you. That ought to help! Heck, I even plan on spitting out my chew, before the kisses. Cindy said I ought to brush my teeth too. You know what, for a deal like this I decided I would go ahead and do it!

A good neighbor came over the other day and brought him a “feel better soon “ bale of hay. His older brothers was out the other day and seeing as it is a big square bale, I decided I needed to get it fed. I loaded it on the back of my one ton dually with a flat bed and had the older brother drive. This is the brother who is a Catholic priest and most of his driving these days is up and down pretty fair roads. He must be good at it as to get to all his churches on the weekend he makes about a 250 mile round trip. He had helped me as a child, so no big deal, piece of cake.

He drove out to the pasture and I told him to just put it in 4 low and idle along. I guess he misunderstood me as it seemed like he was driving like he was at the Indy 500! I am getting thrown around because of the frozen cow pie and hollering at him to slow it down, slow it down! He hollered back and said he was. So I said, slower, slower! Then I said, “Just at a crawl!” So he slid to a stop, slewing us sideways, cow chips flying and if there had been any dust, it would’ve been rolling! But I ain’t no greenhorn, I rode out the storm. Finally, after much excitement, I got it all flaked off.

I always thought that if a man had a good broke team and a good way to load them big bales, feeding them would probably be lots of fun. I hate to say I was wrong as I am never wrong, but I dang sure was mistaken!

Watch out for ice and don’t fall down!

One thought on “Count your blessings 2

  1. Good to read that your son is finding ways to get things done- way to cowboy up! Never heard of feeding big square bales with a team, just round bales. Gotta be a way though!

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