Sure has been a great spring so far! With little to no old grass, the green is really bright where there has been some rain and/or snowfall. We were lucky enough to get moisture last fall and it has helped get this grass started and the rain we have gotten so far has pushed itContinue reading

I was watching a video on Tis Tok the other day (yeah, I got hooked.. way to much fun things to see!) and it was a young person, probably 18 to 20. She was telling how we have lost so much knowledge, such as how to plant a garden and things the old timers knew.Continue reading

I seem to be going back to my youth in my older age.  When I was young, when I got home from school, I would usually grab my 22 single shot rifle and he’d out, afoot. Usually up northwest where we have a wooded creek. I very seldom shot anything, but you never know. MightContinue reading

We have had some interesting weather. Some seem to think Mother Nature has been off her meds! Seems normal to me, looking back at past things I have written down and saved.  Many are calving and fighting the cold and enjoying the warmer temps. As I write this we have a cold south east windContinue reading

Slim can get kind of cranky ‘specially when things don’t go just right Like when a first calf heifer prolapses And it’s in a blizzard, in the night Or when cattle fall thru the ice Into freezing cold icy water If you don’t get them out and warmed up They bloat like a new marriedContinue reading

Ain’t been writing in here for a spell. I do have a good excuse. See, I was on this bronc, trying to gather cattle on hard icy ground. This ol’ jughead I was ridings was pretty bad about stumbling and would break in two with me pretty often. I was trying to gather a bunchContinue reading