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Got pretty chilling, night before last. Around zero… bit windy and not real warm yesterday but then warmed up into the 20’s in the night and supposed to stay that way today and warmer tomorrow and Sunday.

Headed over to Hulett, tomorrow for a gig there in the afternoon. Sounds like D and K are going to ride along. We will need t take the pickup s Cindy’s penchant for staying warm has about run us out of pellets… not sure what’s the deal with that!

Sam had his 11th birthday yesterday.. so he and Gus are the same age for the next month or so.. Irish twins..10 months apart in age. They helped me feed this morning.. and of course, Bitty.. she always thinks she has to go along. Because she is a “cow eating wonder”… in her estimation, anyway!

He got a pistol for his birthday so we need to make him a holster..and probably go see if we can hit a can or something…

Supposed to get colder and real windy into the start of next week. It is the big Stockshow in Rapid and I was supposed to go meet friends, but with what they are calling for weather I may not make it.. going place in below zero windchill has lots it’s appeal t me, some time back.

Warmer, but windy. Got up in the 30’s this noon and afternoon… not too bad of a day.

We shipped some calves yesterday. They said that the market was softer, but I really haven’t been paying much attention to it, so couldn’t say. Calves sold alright, looked good, a bit lighter than we had thought they might be. Cattle market is in the doldrums. I found it interesting that heavier calves, that were obviously calved , starting in March and then fed better, didn’t seem to me to dollar out to where it made the owner any money… tho’ I am sure they thought it did, or they wouldn’t have done it.. ours didn’t weigh as much as most, but then we haven’t fed them anything but mothers milk grass and little hay, the past few weeks. All in all, I think ours probably made us as much as if we had fed them more and made them heavier…And ours were all born after the 1st of May.. we had a few older than that by a couple days, but we kept them home for now as they didn’t fit the group.. we just took two trailer loads.

Today a guy came to interview me for a local paper… nice feller and we had a good visit. We had kept the cattle in close yesterday, so we took them a couple bales after lunch and they followed right in the corral. We left them to clean up the hay, came back to the house and visited a bit more, then Dave left and Chance and I sorted off the calves and thinner cows. If these cows were calving in March I would be worried about the condition on a few of them, but as they will mostly calve in May, so they will be fine. We will keep the thinner cows in with the calves and feed them a full feed of hay and get some grain in for protein for them.

Got a gig this weekend in Hulett, WY. And if Lige isn’t too sick on Friday, he has a ball game I will take him to. Tate and Kass’s kids have been sick. Influenza I guess. Cindy has been fighting a real bad cold for several days now and has been plumb miserable. Not sure what it is, but I sure hope I don’t get it!

Frosty and cool.. 19 at noon.. just a breeze so far but supposed to blow and snow.. mid to later April should be wet as this is about the 6th day we have been over cast and foggy… lots of hoar frost on the trees and wires.. so if/when the wind picks up, we will probably lose power.. we have the generator hooked up, just in case..

On this day in 1981 our fist son was born. Happy Birthday Fr Tyler.. hope you have a great day and hopefully we will see you and celebrate next weekend…

13 degrees at 11 am… about 2 inches of snow.. slight breeze, but supposed to drop lower.. supposed to get down to 5 above before tomorrow morning, then rise into the 20’s… not too bad of weather for January.. I sure have seen it much worse… cows really seem to be enjoying their hay today!

Sixty one years today, riding this big blue ball around the sun, day after day. Today has been wonderful, beautiful hoar frost all over, warm and surrounded by kids and grandkids.. Cindy is making me brownies and we will top them with home made chocolate sauce (my Mom’s recipe) and eat them with ice cream later… I have been clicking on “like” on all the posts from friends on Facebook, to where I barely had time to do much else. I am amazed at all the people who took the time to wish me a happy birthday greetings.. got a few emails from friends doing the same.

I wonder what I have learned in the past 60 years…. well…. lets see

Don’t believe a women when she tells you, “Fine”. No, things are not fine!

When a politician tells you they are there to help, don’t believe them!

When in a drought and the weatherman tells you, it might rain, don’t believe him.. if it does, it will be a wonderful surprise!

When you have a spring blizzard and your wondering if you will lose power to the electricity lines, go ahead and plan on it!

When you see an ad for something free, it will NOT be free.. oh sure, one of the items might be, but believe me, you will pay, somehow…

When dealing with an old fat man, in any kind of game, you can pretty much figure he is going to cheat to win. (just ask my grandkids!)

Thank you to all who took time out of your day to reach out to me! Makes an old guy feel kind of special!

I typed a new post, but for some reason it didn’t work.. don’t have the time now, but will try and get something to take its place soon.

Kind of cool out there this morning, but they are claiming we will hit 40 in a few days… All the kids and grandkids were here for Thanksgiving.. had a couple extras also.. Chances kids didn’t get here until late in the afternoon as they had been with their mother… Tate tried to cook a turkey in the ground, but found out they didn’t have enough coals so we had to finish it in the oven.. still had bit of a smokey taste to it… I tried smoking a couple of turkey thighs and they would have been good if I hadn’t followed the directions, cooked it too hot for too long.. tasted good but very very dry and hard.. I will remember for next time… weather has been great.. went to Red Owl yesterday morning for a brunch at the Hall and most of the water was ice free on the dam.. we have a light dusting of snow out there this morning… not much of a breeze… cattle have plenty of grass to eat, so it has been a good fall… maybe winter is going to hold off until what the calendar tells us is the first day of winter, Dec 21…We have our Cowboy Christmas Concert coming up at Lead in a couple weeks, and a couple of there young ladies of this area , Shilo Hewitt and Sarah Moreland and I will be doing a Christmas concert at the Hall on Dec 21.. we have practiced a bit but need to get together another time and work on the songs a bit more.. should be fun. Hope everyone is having a good fall and early winter!

Not real sure, seems like there is something to do every day, but really can’t seem to remember what I did.. After Mass today, Tate and I hooked up to Chances flatbed and headed to Custer and on thru’ a bit and got a load of logs for Tate to mill on his sawmill… we got home after dark, but still got them unloaded… not sure what I am am doing tomorrow… yesterday, Cindy and I took off early, picked up Gabe and hauled him to Sturgis for a wrestling match… he had 3 matches and won them all, the first two by pins and the last one by points… he is improving every year… getting so tall! Dang kid stole my saddle and didn’t even have to change the stirrup length! And he’s only 13! Warmer today…got up into the 40’s around here, a bit cooler in the Black Hills according to the thermometer in there pickup…and that is about all for now.

Ground was frozen this morning, so didn’t have to worry about mud… the roads had dried out a lot over night from the wind that blew all night. Went to a close neighbors and shipped his calves this morning… went well, but was a wee bit nippy out there… I bought a set of insulated riding boots this fall and wore them and my feet stayed warm, but my fingers got cold… these boots are not the best to ride in as they have gris on the sole so hard to get you foot in and out of a stirrup easily.. sure wouldn’t want to wear them on a bronco horse… they don’t make boots for cowboys much, anymore.. I like leather soles that slide in and out of stirrups as they were designed to be, years ago… but by golly, these were warm!