I was watching a video on Tis Tok the other day (yeah, I got hooked.. way to much fun things to see!) and it was a young person, probably 18 to 20. She was telling how we have lost so much knowledge, such as how to plant a garden and things the old timers knew. So the government caused it washer thinking  so she decided that because of that, the government had to take care of all of us…….. because it was THEIR fault.

Yeah, let that sink in… THEIR fault.

Quite a few thoughts went through my mind. Such as… where does it say that the government has to take care of everyone. I don’t remember reading that in the Declaration or Bill of Rights. Maybe they changed it since last I read it. Lord knows my memory is getting bad.

Another was that she evidently know that it says, “we the people”.. in essence, tho’ maybe not so practically as it once was, they work for us. WE . ARE. The government. And evidently WE are not doing a very good job! As evidence of all the stupidity coming out of the Capitols around the country.

So when did we start raising children who were taught this kind of thing? Or did they learn if from TV and movies? I was taught that you wanted something, you needed to figure out away to get it and usually the best hand out you were going to get was at the end of your arm. And I guess she HAD figured out how together it.. whine to the government!

She reminded me of a baby bird with her mouth open waiting for the food to be placed in it. Only problem is, she doesn’t realize when a baby bird gets so big, if it doesn’t jump out of the nest, some bird, a sibling or parent, is going to push it out. I kind of think she needs pushed out. Yeah, I am cruel that way.

I will say that in all of there young people I have been around all my life, I have never seen many like this, some of the grownups, yeah, but most kids around these parts still seem to be taught that if you want something, you need to work for it.

I sure hope she is in the minority. I am sure she is around here. We seem to be blessed with good kids. They are theist things raise. I hope they don’t start thinking like this one does.

Now, go out and get that worm! And don’t wait for someone to hand it to you!

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  1. You are lucky that you live where people still under the concept of “pay your own way”. I also live rural, but they are getting closer. Scary

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