I seem to be going back to my youth in my older age. 

When I was young, when I got home from school, I would usually grab my 22 single shot rifle and he’d out, afoot. Usually up northwest where we have a wooded creek. I very seldom shot anything, but you never know. Might be a bear or a wolf you had to protect yourself from!!

Now I am told I need more exercise and I am assured that walking is a good way to get it. So this late afternoon when the wind died down I grabbed a rifle and headed out. We have a small area with prairie dogs and we work hard at keeping them controlled or run off. So far they have been winning!

As I walked up northwest of the house, I got on a hill where I could use my rifle scope and scout out things. I wasn’t sure if I saw any furry little grass ruining prairie rats but headed that way, kind of sneaking up on them. Never did see one.

Sure were a lot of noisy geese flying around. Filthy birds! My Dad claimed every time a goose put his left foot down he pooped. From the looks of where they hang out, I think he was right!

The creeks got a trickle of water running in it and green grass has started. That is always encouraging. As I made my way back I walked thru a tree patch I had planted some years back. Lots of cedar trees and some olive and elms. They all looked pretty good. I had watered them the first couple years I planted them.

So I guess spring has sprung. From what I see on the internet and from talking to neighbors, people are getting calving going well. We are selling all ours, because of the drought and high feed prices, but the ones still here should be starting one of these days. Hopefully they will get sold before they get started. Chance has a done a good job of advertising and marketing them, so far.

If I don’t see you before, have a Wonderful Easter celebration!

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  1. Reminds me of when I was a kid growing up in Buffalo

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