Stockshow time!

Of course, by the time you read this, it will be over.

When I was young, the Denver Stockshow was the place to be this time of the year. Dad and I talked of going, so we could see the bull sales and the rodeo. Of course, we never did. But, some friends and I did go one year, right after we graduated hichschool. One buddy had a sister who lived there and she allowed us to stay at their house and sleep on her couches. She and her husband took us around one day and one evening. I remember going up to see the lights of the city, but it was foggy and we just saw a glow. 

We drove my pickup down with a borrowed topper on the back. I guess to put our suitcases in, tho’ being 19 year olds, we sure didn’t pack too much. As we got into the hustle and bustle of the city traffic my friends were a great help. “Turn here!” They would holler, right when I couldn’t because of traffic and then laugh at me, the rube, who had never driven in that kind of traffic. I fell for it several times! But we did eventually navigate the roads and made it. I suppose it was good for me, but at the time I sure hated it.

Not too many years ago two of our sons and Cindy and I drove down past Denver on our way south. I hated it. Even just on the hi way! People drive crazy down there, far as I could see.

A year or so later I rode with a friend to a poetry gig in Durango. His then girlfriend, now wife, flew in from Texas and we had to pick her up at the airport. Man, I was glad to not be driving. And we had pure hell trying to figure out which gate to go to. We’d circle and ask directions and then find out we had gone wrong and circle and go again. Finally my friend pulled in to a place he was sure that would work, all the time talking to the lady on the phone. He left me in the pickup in a marked “no parking spot”, telling me to make sure we weren’t towed! A gentleman of a different heritage than mine came out and started shouting at me. I was pretty sure why, but I played dumb. Not too much of a stretch. Finally my buddy and his future bride showed up and we got out of there, tho’ I was envisioning driving thru’ barricades in a hail of bullets from whom ever was in charge!

I don’t usually get down to see much of our local Stockshow anymore. It used to be fun to walk around and look at all the stuff they had there, but anymore most of it is things I am not at all interested in. And it has gotten to where you need a bus to drive you from where you park to where you need to walk around.

Cindy and I did got to the bronc match at the new part last year. Never again! We were seated so high that it was like watching ants out in the arena. And also I was afraid of getting a nose bleed. And steep? Why those seats are steeper than a cows face! Nope, I guess they are all set up for the younger generation.

I do like to got to Broncs For Breakfast at the Event center. Usually, if I go early enough, I can get a pretty good seat and it’s always good watching. Heck, they even give you biscuits and gravy! And the building is small enough you don’t need a side by side to get around in it. I hope they don’t mess that up!

If you went, I hope you enjoyed it. If I saw you and didn’t wave, it’s because I didn’t see you or recognise you. I am not sure why so many of the people my age and that I know, have turned into old geezers!!!!

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