Count you blessings.

I have a son who used to do carpentry work. Seeing as there are so few cows around here in the winter, now that the drought forced us to sell most of the cows, he decided to go back to doing carpentry work. Found a job with a good guy and he has been building a house most of the winter and enjoying the work. The other day, while standing on some scaffolding, he had to step on to a ladder. One of the other workers had set it there and he watched as the guy got it stomped into the ground. He stepped out and tested it with his foot a couple times, decided it was set and put his full weight on it and it immediately went down, with him going head first to the ground from about 9 feet in the air.

First we heard of it was when he called and told us to meet him at the emergency room. We headed out and on the way got a call from his boss, and he had sent us to the wrong town. Took a bit longer but we got there. He had had x rays but nothing done. They would only allow one of us to go to the room with him, so seeing as Gramma had two little urchins who stay with us most week days, I went back. Yup, I am a coward. Urchins scare me. Especially little girl urchins!

Doctor came in and told us he had broken both wrists, an elbow and had a crack in his skull. Wow!

Took a bit but a real nice Paramedic trained guy who was working in the ER put splints on and we finally got to head out.

So we moved him in with us as he has no one at his house to help during the week. I get be a nurse and chauffeur for all his appointments. Gramma don’t like to drive and especially my pickup. Her car is in the shop getting fixed after an incident with a deer last summer. And then there are the two previously mentioned urchins. Yeeesh!

He had to go back and see a specialist where it was determined he will need surgery on both wrist, they aren’t worried about the elbow, just a small crack, head injury is no big deal. Thank goodness for hardheaded ancestors!

So I have had to deal with all kinds of people, plus do it in small towns and cities. I love people. But in small quantities!

At first he was pretty grateful he was still alive, but after the past few days with splints on both arms and not being able to do anything for himself, he is seeing the appeal of heaven! I don’t blame him but keep telling him to be thankful for small favors. It can always be worse. Could have broken his back or both legs…etc.

So I am just here to say, appreciate your good health and when you have to deal with people who deal with people all day, every day.. take your patience along. I am sure they are doing the best they can! We ought to try to do our best and be thankful for people who work in doctors offices and hospitals. 

Watch that ice and slippery ladders, folks!

4 thoughts on “Count you blessings.

  1. Prayers for quick healing…
    Broke my wrist once, darn ladder collapsed under me putting up plywood on a barn ceiling. I know how tough things be with one broken wrist but two would be extremely frustrating.
    Having patience (a virtue) is a good way of mortifying ourselves for the good of our soul.

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