Sure has been a great spring so far! With little to no old grass, the green is really bright where there has been some rain and/or snowfall. We were lucky enough to get moisture last fall and it has helped get this grass started and the rain we have gotten so far has pushed it along. Seems like it is awful slow coming but I think that every spring. But the wind keeps blowing, stretching that grass out by whipping it back and forth so it is getting longer, at least!

We have an infestation of prairie rats. Seeing as there was little to no feed last year, they must’ve really moved on to new country as we have three small towns and we are doing our best to thin them out. They are cute, but then so are mice and no one wants them around either! I was out checking this late afternoon and found some dumb young ones and evidently the older one had told the younger ones what a poor shot I am as I went thru’ lots of rounds with no hits for sure.They just scurried around and ignored me! If ammo wasn’t so high I wouldn’t think twice about my poor marksmanship. So, in the event of a zombie apocalypse you better not head my way as the way I shoot I am pretty sure they will over run us!

I have one more, possibly two more, branding to go to. Looking forward to it. Years ago, a neighbor who had an old uncle who lived next to him asked me, “What are we supposed to do with these old men at a branding? You can’t give them the vaccinating job as they may stumble and poke someone.  Same with cutting. They are too slow to brand and too old to wrestle.” I didn’t have a good answer.

Then a few years ago I had a guy almost my age who was putting up some hay. He stopped at the house one evening and we visited.. I told him we were getting older and what were his plans when he got old? I mentioned the conversation about the older uncle and what to do with old guys at a branding? He told me, “When I get a little older, I am going to have two real good horses. And I am going to go to every branding in the country and watch the gate while setting on my horse. And every once in a while I am going to let a calf out and holler, Hey, you dang kids, go get that calf! And every once in a while I am going to rope and drag one out just to show them I still can!” 

You know what/? I think he has it figured out! I think I may start this year doing the same!

Heres hoping we get enough moisture people start cussing the mud!

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  1. I was thinking the other day that you hadn’t posted in a while. Glad that you are still up and at um.

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