Hotter than Hades!

Got up over 100 today. Kelvin and I rode down south to the next door neighboring pasture and failed in our attempt to bring back a strayed heifer. Dumb little rip wouldn’t drive lead or drag worth a darn. Perhaps with the right application of some braided kangaroo hide tomorrow we will change her mindContinue reading “Hotter than Hades!”

Artist Ride

Whew!!! Kelvin and I went down to the Cheyenne River for the Artist Ride on Wednesday evening. Got our range tepee’s set up and an over head line between two tree’s to tie all the horses to. We took Pilgrim, Beaver, Mijo and Squirt, as Hope and Chance and children were coming down on ThursdayContinue reading “Artist Ride”

Me and Kelvin…

Saddled up this morning after working in the leather shop for awhile and we went for a nice ride.Let the cows into fresh pasture, tho’ not all that much extra feed there…. found a bull who needs more vaccine for fot rot…and just had a pretty nice ride. Neighbor called and we start fall worksContinue reading “Me and Kelvin…”

Me and the boys

Moved the squeeze chute back into the corral and then dug all the oily gravel out of the shed and replaced it with clean new gravel. There was extra left so we dumped it into the holes in the yard so now we can have new holes! Sure wish I could flatten them out better,Continue reading “Me and the boys”