Got it about done

the reproduction saddle that is. It is setting in the yard, letting oil soak in. we used some stain on it to try and make it look older. It does, from a distance, but not so much, up close. Wish I had thought and bought some antique stain for it when I was in town the other day… oh well, I am sure it will be fine.
Kelvin and I have been riding every day, looking for sick calves, yearlings or cows or bulls. We doctored a yearling the other day for a sore foot and a bull. the bull needs it again. We go to help a neighbor vaccinate calves tomorrow.Then get ready for the Artist Ride on Wednesday, the last minute details. Weather has been warm but not too hot…

8 thoughts on “Got it about done

  1. You know if you want it to look like you are in the 1870/80s, your 1870/80s saddle wouldn’t have been all that old yet. 😉 I think it will work just fine. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

  2. Well, it would have looked old after a few seasons. It’s kind of rough looking now, but from a distance it looks old. In a few years it dang sure will!

  3. Robert, it looks good. I think time is the only thing that puts time on it. By the way, some days you need to get out and look at the good cattle, makes ya smile alot more :). Im glad I found your blog. Im in eastern NM, near San Jon. Used to be in ND, MT. Take care, Vince

    1. Vince, I have been to your area. Enjoyed it. Just didn’t see many cattle as it seemed there was very little for them to eat! 😉 LOL Thanks!

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