Last night I had some welts coming on in different area’s of my body, so I took some anti itch pills I had gotten from a Doctor. I am also taking Allegra once a day. The bumps were still there this morning, some reaction I can’t pin down I have been fighting on and off for about a month now, so I took my Allegra and a couple of them little anti itch pills. Wow! Not a good plan… couldn’t keep my eyes open. I took a nap until someone called and finally drug myself out and saddled up Charlie and ran the other horses in with the idea of going down around the yearlings before it got too hot. Bad plan, By the time I had unsaddled Charlie and saddled Beav, I was shot. so I unsaddled Beav and just laid around and tried to sleep and hopefully wake up. Got some phone calls as I was dozing… Finally went to work on the saddle and this evening felt awake enough to go re saddle Beav and went and found a yearling with a big bump on his brisket. Caught him and lanced it and gave him a big shot of
antibiotic. Now I have a fire built and some steaks thawed, waiting for Cindy and supper….