Not much new news around here. Still dry. Rains seem to mostly pass us by. And with that, also the hail, some have been getting. Which is a blessing. What little graze we have would sure be missed if it were hailed off! One year quite a few years ago, we had a dry yearContinue reading

Rain!!! As I write this we just had a wonderful rain come thur’. Not sure how much we got, but I am happy for any amount. I hate to be greedy, but I am not sure how much we’d have to get before it would make me unhappy! From what I have read there areContinue reading

I took off Saturday afternoon and drove to Harrison, Neb, for a gig. I went south of Hot Springs and came in at Crawford. I hate to be that guy, but man, I am jealous! Green and hay! From Rapid City south it looked great. They had many more bales in their fields than anyoneContinue reading

Rain! We got some! Sure is great stuff. Grass looks better and it smells wonderful. I guess everything looks better after a bath! We have been working on a water project. Not going the way I planned, but you would think I would expect that, because it always seems to go that way. Things IContinue reading