Sure has been a great spring so far! With little to no old grass, the green is really bright where there has been some rain and/or snowfall. We were lucky enough to get moisture last fall and it has helped get this grass started and the rain we have gotten so far has pushed itContinue reading

I was watching a video on Tis Tok the other day (yeah, I got hooked.. way to much fun things to see!) and it was a young person, probably 18 to 20. She was telling how we have lost so much knowledge, such as how to plant a garden and things the old timers knew.Continue reading

I seem to be going back to my youth in my older age.  When I was young, when I got home from school, I would usually grab my 22 single shot rifle and he’d out, afoot. Usually up northwest where we have a wooded creek. I very seldom shot anything, but you never know. MightContinue reading